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Specialized Python libraries for Unique Tasks


Python is the language of Data, ML, and AI, but Python also has various libraries for other specific needs. These lesser-known libraries serve interesting and particular needs.

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What it does: Taipy is an open-source Python library for building production-ready applications, front-end & back-end, in no time.

Why it’s unique: With Taipy, Python programmers can bring any ML/AI application to an automated and production-ready project. There is no need to know other languages; with Taipy, do front-end and back-end in Python.

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What it does: This Python library focuses on PDF files. With it, you can do any action, from merging, cropping, and transforming your PDF files.

Why it’s unique: It makes dealing with PDFs easier (no need for sketchy websites) and directly accessible to Pythonistas.



What it does: Arrow makes dealing with dates, times, and timestamps easy with a beginner-friendly interface. You can create, manipulate, format, and convert dates and times.

Why it’s unique: Arrow fills the Python datetime module's gap with added functionalities with the timezone conversions, for example.



What it does: TQDM adds progress bars for your iterative processes.

Why it’s unique: This accessible library enhances user experience with appealing and informative progress bars.



What it does: Geopy focuses on coordinates. With it, you can locate countries, cities, or addresses through coordinates using third-party geocoders.

Why it’s unique: It groups APIs of multiple geolocation services, making it a unified framework for dealing with geographical data.



What it does: This Python library will replace your hands on your mouse and keyboard to automate processes with other applications.

Why it’s unique: A real productivity win, this library can automate all your repetitive tasks on your computer.



What it does: Add some color to your terminal with Colorama. A real game-changer for your eyes!

Why it’s unique: Colorama will increase the readability and user experience of all your command line and script outputs and of course beautify them.



What it does: It is your Python search engine library. With Whoosh, you can index all your texts to facilitate searching.

Why it’s unique: This library is a great productivity feature for any of your applications; it adds a search functionality!



What it does: This Python library simplifies movie editing using Python. With MoviePy, you can cut, concatenate, and add titles (and more!) to your videos.

Why it’s unique: This library brings the video editing process to Python.

What it does: This library generates one-liner jokes on command!

Why it’s unique: This elementary and straight-to-the-point library is great to try for a little added humor in the day.


All these libraries show Python’s versatility and how the language is growing to cater to specific needs.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback!

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Alejandro Gil • Edited

In case anyone from here want to use Whoosh I recommend using the fork from Sygil-Dev/whoosh-reloaded instead of the old version. We are trying to revive Whoosh with that fork, since the main repos from mchaput and whooh-community hasn't been updated in a while and have a lot of issues.

Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers working on it and maintaining it.

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Thanks for the info!

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Scott Reno

Very cool list!

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I love to learn new things on a Wednesday!

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I had never heard of PyJokes. LOL.