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Endless Run Game: Car Race

takaneichinose profile image Takane Ichinose ・1 min read

Endless run game: Car Race

Although this is not a racing game.

I made this game few years ago.

I really liked playing games back then, so I tried to make my own games.

I was studying the concept of game development. This game is inspired by a game in a brick game way back 90's.

I used base64 images for sprites (I feel sad, that it made my source code really dirty). I hope, I could get my "pro" badge when I get an increase.

The next step I am going to do here; is I am going to add a sound (Of course for better microinteractions).

After that, I also want to improve the source code, based on my latest standard way of coding.

About the game:

You are going too fast in the highway (Be careful not to be caught). Just dodge all the white cars.

Your score is the the top left corner of the "screen".


Left, Right arrow keys. Yeah, you literally just need to dodge them.

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