Tic Tac Toe (VS A.I.) v.2

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This is just a simple tic tac toe game v.s. AI.

Yes, I tried to do this, because I want to learn how to think of an algorithm for AI. Though, the current algorithm of this game is not that good, yet.

For the layout, it was also a good opportunity for me to learn about the CSS property; `display: grid;`.

The time I did this pen, I don't know yet about frameworks, so I only used VanillaJS (A plain Javascript, and without libraries, nor framework).

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Cool! I think developing games like this is good practice to train your thoughts and programming skills.

I've made something similar to this, Court piece (Hokm) game. It's a game played by four persons but I made it single-player vs. 3 bots!


Thank you! I agree, that doing these things as hobby is good, as it is a good opportunity for we to practice. Also, it will practice our mind to think of an algorithms, especially for graphics and mathematics.

Anyway, I tried to look at your link, but unfortunately, it brings me to 404 error page.


Sorry for the mistake 🤦‍♂️😁 the actual link is this one

That was good. Also, the structure of the program is good, and the codes are well written.

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