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JAMstack Roundup for November 13th 2019

Here are some great articles, videos, and podcasts that educated us this week!

  1. Why and When to Use GraphQL

    To overcome the downsides of using the great REST API, Facebook developed GraphQL, an open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs. 📊

  2. How to create a simple Vue.js app in 5 minutes

    Vue.js is getting more and more popular, becoming a meaningful competitor to frameworks like Angular or React.js. As a beginner-friendly front-end framework, it successfully conquers the hearts of junior front-end developers and people who just started to learn front-end programming. 🚀

  3. JAMstack & Serverless with Netlify

    On this episode, we talk to Shawn ​“swyx” Wang from Netli­fy about the JAM­stack & Server­less rev­o­lu­tion in fron­tend development. ✊

  4. React Hooks vs. Svelte

    I get asked a lot on my Twitch channel to show a comparison of React and Svelte. I thought I'd record a short video to show everyone how to take a basic React example and rewrite it using Svelte. 📹

  5. How the JAMstack inspired me to start blogging

    This is the story about how discovering and exploring the JAMstack has inspired me to finally kick off my blogging ventures. 📝

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