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The Mesh is Here!

We are very excited to announce the opening up of the TakeShape Mesh service!

Those of you who signed up for the Mesh Beta are first in line as we start to onboard people! Today at the San Francisco JAMstack Conference, TakeShape’s CTO Andrew Sprouse dropped this news. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, or haven’t signed up yet, this article is for you. 🤗

Over the last year, we’ve been working heads down to make sure the Mesh is plenty robust for your powerful web application. The Mesh unites all of your services into a single backend GraphQL API. Now you can compose, sync, and fetch content and data across your multiple APIs with ease. We’re starting with two service TakeShape CMS and Shopify with more to quickly follow as we hear from the community what APIs are most needed.

All you need to do is login, and toggle to the Mesh tab! If you don’t see the Mesh button here yet, don’t worry. It’ll be rolling out to each of you slowly yet surely. And we want this beta to be meaningful, so give us your feedback. From your nicest words to your harshest criticisms, our ears and eyes are open.

Take TakeShape for a spin!

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