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Summary of first thirty days of #100DaysOfCode of a 15 years old

Summary of my first month of #100DaysOfCode challenge.

Hi, I am Talha Quddoos, a 15 years old computer science student, who aspires to become a computer scientist.

From freeCodeCamp's twitter, I came to know about the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Inspired by the people who shared their learning experiences, I decided to participate.

I started this challenge on 25th of September 2020 from my twitter , and here is a short summary of what I did in these days.
Day 1 - I enrolled in the freeCodeCamp's 'APIs and Microservices' course, and complete all the challenges of 'Managing packages with npm' and 'Basic Node and Express'.
Day 2 - I completed the first two challenges of 'MongoDB and Mongoose' under the 'APIs and Microservices' certification.
Day 3 - I was already working on a chat application in django, so I deployed an unfinished version of it on Google Cloud Platform, with the domain name
Day 4 - Decided to improve algorithms and data structures also, so I completed the first challenge of freeCodeCamp's coding interview prep challenges. Also, I enrolled in Harvard CS50's 'Understanding Technology' course, and submitted my first assignment on Hardware.
Day 5 - Submitted the second, third, and fourth assignments of Harvard CS50's Understanding Technology course on 'Internet', 'Multimedia' and 'Security'.
Day 6 - Submitted Harvard CS50T's fifth assignment on web development. Got stuck at the third challenge of 'MongoDB and Mongoose' under freeCodeCamp's API's and microservices certification.
Day 7 - I was so busy in school homework and other activities that I could not find time to do something on computer.
Day 8 - Enrolled in Harvard's CS50 (Introduction to Computer Science) and watched the first lesson on 'Computational Thinking'.
Day 9 - Watched CS50's second lecture on 'C'.
Day 10 - Watched CS50's third lecture on 'Arrays and Algorithms'.
Day 11 - Half-watched CS50's fourth lecture on 'Memory'.
Day 12 - Completed CS50's fourth lecture on 'Memory'.
Day 13 - Half-watched CS50's fifth lecture on 'Data Structures'.
Day 14 - Completed CS50's fifth lecture on 'Data Structures'.
Day 15 - Watched CS50's sixth lecture on 'Python'.
Day 16 - Watched CS50's seventh lecture on 'SQL'.
Day 17 - Watched the last lecture of Harvard's CS50.
Day 18 - Enrolled in Harvard CS50's Mobile App development course, and half-watched first lecture.
Day 19 - Completed CS50's Mobile App Development's first lecture on 'Overview, Javascript'
Day 20 - Watched CS50M's second lecture on 'React, Props, State'
Day 21 - Watched the introduction of John Smilga's React course
Day 22 - Join
Day 23 - Wrote my first post on
Day 24 - Watched John Smilga's ( React course upto 'Nested components and ES6'
Day 25 - Made my django gig on fiverr:
Day 26 - Watched John Smilga's React course upto 'Basic CSS'
Day 27 - Completed first chapter of ElementsOfAI's Introduction to AI course.
Day 28 - Built Quote Generator and Infinite Scroll projects with JS and deployed to GitHub.
Day 29 - Built Picture in Picture, Joke Teller and Dark / Light Mode projects with JS.
Day 30 - Built Animated Template and Animated Navigation projects with JS.

Day 31 - Wrote ${this} post!

Got any suggestions for me? Comment here.

My twitter: @TalhaQuddoosPK

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abdullahsajjad026 profile image
Abdullah Sajjad

MashaAllah Brother!
Keep it up!
I am also from Pakistan. I started learning new skills in June. I learnt WordPress from Youtube and it made my interest in Web Development and I started learning Web Development by Coding. I've learnt HTML and CSS. Now I'm going further into CSS and once I'm comfortable with CSS, then I'll start JavaScript and frameworks and libraries. I also have to manage College Work that's why I am going a little bit of slow but InshaAllah I'll keep going .
May Allah Grant us Success.
My aim is to earn money to support my Parents and complete my dreams and InshaAllah I'll do it.

talhaquddoospk profile image
Talha Quddoos

JazakAllah brother. May Allah make your dreams come true.