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Day 50,51,52:100DaysOfCode

taran17809555 profile image Taranpreet Singh ・1 min read

best day,,
hashcode day...solved the problem with the total score of 7,888,092 points.
we ranked 4104 worldwide and 1201 in India which was way good than our last year's performance.

studied priority queue and its app ...

started with striver sliding window ques...solved a few will try to complete it by today :),

gave uber hacktag coding round solved 3 out of 4 ques in the first set on codesignal platform ...

it was a good round with one easy 2 medium and one hard question.
studied spring boot further...did some work on ongoing flutter project.

(PS: I just completed 50 days)

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Henry Boisdequin

Congrats! Keep going!

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