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Dev and Designers Clashing

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In which situations have you seen Devs and Designers clash? We both speak different languages, so it's understandable how this may happen.

I think empathy and respect are very important. I've heard comments from the dev community talking down on design work as if it were the least important part of the project.

What do you do to ensure developers and designers maintain a good relationship?

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marco r • Edited

Nice article on a touchy topic!

The key here... is that just because people use photoshop or sketch... doesn't mean they are "The designers".

Developers design systems and functions and interactions points / and visual designers focus on fonts and colors - but they are ALL DESIGNERS
and the problem would be solved if people could start seeing it that way.

As someone new to tech, this article helped me understand what happens behind the scenes.

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Interesting perspective and I agree. Thanks for sharing!

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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘ • Edited

There's only one conclusive way to resolve this: bust out the nerf guns, designers vs devs, and may the best tribe win.

Or an even more violent idea, why not switch jobs for a week or two? Or be forced to combine forces on an unusually granular basis in a hackathon for an actually attractive prize package that happens to include the aforementioned nerf guns? Can be done incrementally.

Especially funny for engineering switching (or haplessly hackathon-ing) with support, or even better, switching with SAs/sales.

Anyway, best to approach it with a light heart, most specialties will, secretly or otherwise, have bombastic little expressions of esprits de corps, or self congratulations about they're the most important, but as long as it doesn't go too far (nor the reaction thereto devolve into hand-wringing sanctimony and Twitter videos) it can be fun.

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Love your ideas! I proposed a hackathon but we had a company merge and reorg so it never happened :(.

I've personally attended conferences and classes related to design and UX. I learned a lot and it helped me to better communicate with the design team when we need to change aspects of the design.

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perpetual . education

We both speak different languages

This is a choice (and the problem)

It's all Design