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Building a Successful Community: How Discord Boosted Midjourney's Growth at the Intersection of Art and Technology

Hello world! I'm Tati Barros, and I've been involved with innovation and technology communities for eight years, witnessing numerous advancements and transformations in the field. However, it was two years ago that I delved into the Developer Relations universe and gained a deeper understanding of the power of communication and engagement in technology communities.

In this article, we'll explore the specific case of MidJourney, an innovative Artificial Intelligence model that has revolutionized our way of communicating and creating content. We'll focus on how the MidJourney development team used the Discord platform to validate their product and build a strong, engaged community. I was particularly impressed with this approach, and I believe it can offer valuable insights for community management professionals, DevRel experts, and enthusiasts alike.

First and foremost...

MidJourney emerged in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a diffusion model and was created by the independent research laboratory MidJourney, led by David Holz and his team of researchers. The initial version was released in July 2022, the same month OpenAI's DALL-E 2 was announced, and it is revolutionizing the way we communicate, interact, and create content. Technologies like this are exploring their full potential to change the way we generate and share images and ideas.

At the heart of Midjourney lies the incredible deep learning technology, which enables the creation of images from textual descriptions. The technology can also identify objects in photos, offer solutions in sectors such as advertising and data analysis, and is an excellent tool for businesses and educational institutions interested in AI.

Unraveling the technological ecosystem
Midjourney's technological ecosystem is a true feast of innovation, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the main course. AI is the magical force that transforms user data into amazing images, thanks to training models that digest billions of images and parameters. Think of AI as a virtual artist with abilities that were once exclusive to humans.

This creative marvel relies on giant AI models with billions of parameters trained on an ocean of images. This makes them super efficient at processing data and learning from it, ensuring high-quality images. It's as if the technology were an art school, where models learn to create more realistic and impressive images.

To bring this innovative experience to life, about 10,000 servers are needed! These "little" helpers take care of storing and processing user data, allowing images to be generated in real-time. It all resembles a large orchestra, with each server playing its part and the distributed system being the conductor coordinating them.

Moreover, the company founded by David Holz is environmentally conscious, using green energy with servers running on renewable and sustainable power, as well as other sustainable practices like energy-efficient equipment and smart cooling, to further reduce environmental impact.

Finally, there's the issue of copyrights. The founders claim to value intellectual property and are always in conversation with artists and AI researchers. The goal is to balance the platform's innovation with respect for copyright laws. US law does not allow AI-generated images to be copyrighted, so the platform needs a license from users to reproduce content created with the service.

Community in Action: The Power of Discord as the Ideal MVP to Boost Midjourney's Growth

I didn't have access to specific information about the platform before Discord, but we can imagine a general scenario of what a platform might have been like before adopting Discord as a starting point, just like any other startup or technology company in its early stage.

Before integrating Discord, the technology was likely under development, exploring different approaches to create and nurture its community. The team may have tried other communication platforms, such as forums, social networks, or messaging apps, but perhaps didn't achieve the desired level of engagement and interaction.

At this early stage, the development team might have faced challenges such as attracting and retaining users, addressing security and privacy issues, or dealing with technical difficulties in integrating with other platforms and technologies.

By choosing Discord, Midjourney may have found the ideal solution to overcome these challenges and propel the platform towards success, providing a solid and flexible environment to establish an engaged community, allowing the platform to focus on innovation and growth, the subject of the next topic.

Discord: The Connection and Innovation Booster in the Midjourney World

Imagine a scenario where art and technology come together in a vibrant and captivating ecosystem. This is the universe of Midjourney, where Discord stands out as the driving force connecting people with similar interests and fostering innovation.

Thanks to its ability to create customized servers, text and voice channels, and user groups, Discord strengthens the connections between members of this universe. Together, they explore new territories, collaborate on innovative projects, and enjoy enriching experiences at the intersection of art and technology.

Discord also excels in the art of integration, connecting with other platforms and technologies. This ability allows Midjourney to incorporate APIs and webhooks into its architecture, expanding its reach and improving user experience in an engaging and effective way.

In this universe, security and privacy are fundamental values. Discord, as an attentive protector, safeguards these valuable assets with robust features, such as two-factor authentication and encryption. Moreover, it enables Midjourney to build a secure and controlled environment where all community members can thrive and connect with peace of mind.

As the Midjourney universe grows and evolves, Discord demonstrates its remarkable scalability potential. It welcomes new members and expands servers, ensuring the user experience remains stable and enjoyable.

Finally, Discord plays the role of cultivator, nurturing an engaged and vibrant community at the heart of the Midjourney universe. It offers tools like custom bots and integrations with third-party apps to further enrich the community experience, creating a space where everyone can grow, share ideas, and connect with other art and technology enthusiasts.


In conclusion, it is essential to highlight the importance of choosing the ideal platform, taking into account the needs and expectations of members to ensure the success of a community. Investing in security, privacy, and fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing are crucial to strengthening ties and adding value.

Integration with other platforms and technologies improves the user experience and expands the community's reach, while scalable solutions prove critical for handling accelerated growth.

Lastly, using additional tools, such as bots and app integrations, enriches the experience, keeping members engaged and motivated in a welcoming and vibrant environment.

Thank you all for following this article, and we wish you great success in your journeys through the universe of virtual communities! If you have any questions, I am just a social network away, you can find me as @umataldetatiana!

Until next time!

Pause for observation: I have been studying a lot to write in English with respectable grammar, but until I can, I am using ChatGPT to help me with translations.

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