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Stop coding your own html emails. I created a no-code email template builder.

Hi Devs!

I wanted to share a no code email template builder I'm creating as part of my larger project PostHeat, a platform for building (and sending) email.

I started this project because I always had a really tough time building emails for my past side projects. I kept running into style issues on different devices, and I could not find an existing tool where I could both build an email template, and write the email in the same screen with a clean and easy UI.

So I decided to build such a tool for myself...

I realized that this is a larger problem for devs in general, and that it has several sub-problems:

  1. Not all devs are good designers (I fall into this category), so designing an email layout can be difficult
  2. Many devs would rather spend time coding than designing an email
  3. Tweaking css to get html emails to look good is a pain in the butt
  4. Existing solutions don't solve these problems in an easy way, many of them are a pain to use due to bad UI/UX

I'm hoping that I can solve all of these issues with a single What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) email template builder and editor that devs can use to build great looking emails fast.

The most relevant feature to devs is a direct HTML export button, so that after an html email is created, the html can be copied with single click.

I hope this will make many devs lives easier, and help them to build html emails faster and with less headache!

I'll stop talking here, you can probably best see what I'm talking about by trying it out for yourself:

  1. Go to to access the editor

  2. Build a great looking email, then click on the </> button to get the html for the email you just built.

Alt Text

  1. Copy the email html and paste it into your own projects!

Alt Text

I hope you find this useful! Any feedback on how I can improve the html email builder is greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

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Link doesn't work

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Is it available open source??

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Dave Green

This is great, thanks ♥