Disable Slack Desktop App's WYSIWYG editor

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Run the following command in Terminal.

$ SLACK_DEVELOPER_MENU=true open -a /Applications/Slack.app

Then, Open the DevTools (cmd + opt + I), Run the following script in console.

(() => {
    .forEach((teamId) => {
      const { redux } = slackDebug[teamId];

      const {
      } = redux.getState().experiments;

        type: "[19] Bulk add experiment assignments to redux",
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One liner to remove it from desktop app:

git clone https://github.com/kfahy/slack-disable-wysiwyg-bookmarklet && ./slack-disable-wysiwyg-bookmarklet/bin/patch-desktop-app && rm -rf slack-disable-wysiwyg-bookmarklet

It downloads with git, executes the patch, then removes whatever you downloaded with git. Clean and fast, takes about 10 seconds to patch.


Hm... didn't work for me.

Uncaught ReferenceError: slackDebug is not defined

I found this to work for me:


Thanks for this. If possible, could you share how to reset Slack back to wysiwyg mode?


This worked for me, but it appears you need to do it anytime you open Slack.

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