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Avoid These 7 Mistakes as A Web Designer

For a website to be attractive, you must have a piece of knowledge on UI/UX designs. Know how users will react when using a certain color, font, button and grids. It's useful for frontend developers to work on the best designs to attract users on the site. Here are the things to avoid.

Poor choice of Colors

Most modern websites use colors to attract the attention of users. When we say create a beautiful website, we don’t mean to shed your website like a rainbow. Choosing three matching colors can be a good idea. Make sure you do research on the use of various colors and their effects on users. If your project is about water, then use light blue as your main color, then apply blue on buttons, and white header, and footer. Avoid too many colors. It is an added advantage when you add a dark mode button because most people have come to like it.

A slow website

The main reason why most interviewers will ask questions on data structures and algorithms, they are testing time and memory. These are the core values of developing any software. Make sure users don’t spend a lot of time waiting for your website to load, 4 seconds. Google statistics showed 60% of customers will go away when the website loads for more than 3 seconds. As a front-end developer, make sure you communicate with the backend on how loading time can be reduced.

Coming up with a Complex Layout Design

Most junior developers think a complex design will earn them respect. Remember, it's about the business and not the technology around. Complex designs will sometimes mess up with the UI/UX designs. Just create something simple and easy to use. Remember that the core value of the website is to attract more traffic. Let's say e-commerce, ensure the user notices the products easily, therefore use a white background. Avoid too many designs, it's not a wedding church.

Create sidebar elements/Containers resembling ads.

Most people hate ads, or should I say, everyone. Customers will tend to move away from anything appearing like an ad. They won't read the information on it. Use good grids and place them in visible regions. Let the information be visible to users.

Designing a poor interface

Let's bring fonts into this category. All headings, subheadings, and paragraphs in your design must use a similar font. Let's say all the h1 tags to use 40px, h2 tags to use 30px and the p to use 18px. Also, consider a clear font family. Just consider the purpose of the website, if it's for kids then courier can be appealing. But if it’s an official website, use other fonts like Helvetica. Read more about fonts. Become familiar with which font to use where.

Displaying more similar options.

I recently visited a website that had three sign-in buttons. Yeah, the user will notice them easily, but it discourages them from clicking. Remember, you are not advertising your buttons, or wherever you are repeating. Just display one visible option that is in a better place on your site.

Restrictions on most pages

I believe this falls to backend developers. Yes, your website requires login or registration to perform certain functions. But this doesn’t mean you restrict the product page. Be lenient, give the user the option to use the site if they don’t want to register. Over time, they will feel safe to join your site. Don’t force them, it’s a free internet world.

This is just among the few web design methodology that can prevent users from coming back to your site. If you are a business analyst, make sure your technical team is following each rule. For these technical people, don’t just implement every design you have been given. Bring out some views and ideas, but don’t oppose too much. Remember, you have been paid to build a site. Happy coding.

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