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The complete gRPC course [Protobuf + Go + Java]

If you're building APIs for your microservices or mobile applications, you definitely want to try gRPC.

It is super-fast, strongly-typed, and you no longer need to write a lot of boilerplate codes for services communication. Thanks to awesome HTTP/2 and Protocol Buffer!

Here's the link to the full gRPC course playlist on Youtube
Github repository: pcbook-go and pcbook-java
Gitlab repository: pcbook-go and pcbook-java

This is a 4-in-1 course, where you will learn not only gRPC, but also protocol-buffer and backend development with Go and Java. The codes in this course are production-grade, with well-organised structure and unit tests.

What you’ll learn:

  • What gRPC is, how it works, why we should use it, and where it is suitable to.
  • The amazing HTTP/2 protocol that gRPC is built on.
  • Compare gRPC with REST.
  • Write and serialise protocol-buffer messages using Go + Java.
  • Define gRPC services with protocol-buffer and generate Go + Java codes.
  • Implement 4 types of gRPC using Go + Java: unary, server-streaming, client-streaming, bidirectional streaming.
  • Handle context deadline, gRPC errors and status codes.
  • Write production-grade application with interfaces and unit tests for gRPC services.
  • Use gRPC interceptors to authenticate & authorise users with JWT.
  • Secure gRPC connection with sever-side & mutual SSL/TLS.
  • Enable gRPC reflections for service discovery.
  • Load balancing gRPC service.
  • Use gRPC gateway to generate RESTful service and swagger API.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You only need to have basic programming skills in Go or Java.
  • You don't need to know protocol-buffer before, since we will learn deeply about it in this course.

Certificate of completion

This course is completely free. You have full access to all lectures on our Youtube channel.

If you like the lectures and want to support TECH SCHOOL, you can do so by purchasing the course on Udemy.

That would give us a lot of motivation to make more useful stuffs for the community. And in return, you would also get a Udemy certificate of completion.

Thank you for your support and happy learning!

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Excuse me, can I use your PPT to share Grpc with our team? And where can I get powerpoint