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25 Common UX Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Many startups and heavyweight businesses across the globe have invested in designing web and mobile applications. Their concepts were great and might have given competitors a run for their money. However, in the long run, they proved unsuccessful and had to shut down their businesses.

One of the significant reasons behind their failure was the poor user experience. The reality is that even today, many apps offer their users a tough time figuring out which Call-To-Action (CTA) button did what. Some of them have privacy challenges, and some take a lot of time to load. And the users quickly skip such applications.

That is why user experience plays a critical role in making or breaking your business. With 2,890,000 free apps and 114,000 paid apps accessible on the Google Play Store in 2021, getting the user to install your application is in itself a massive task.

Around 88 percent of online shoppers don’t return to a web portal or app after having an awful user experience.

Therefore, you necessitate an intelligent app concept, an open market ready for your idea, a result-oriented strategy to make the most of your project, and last but not least, a sharp User Experience to be successful.

So, without talking more, let’s explore the –

  • Top 25 most common UX mistakes designers make and How to avoid them
    • 1. Considering UX only in the Initial Parts of the Project
    • 2. Adding too Much Content
    • 3. Improper Navigation
    • 4. Not Adopting Simplicity
    • 5. Not including Design Thinking
    • 6. Ignoring Usability
    • 7. Lots of Animations
    • 8. Poor Contrast
    • 9. Poor Choice of Fonts
    • 10. Imbalance between Design, Features, and Content
    • 11. Not Equally Prioritizing Functionality and Aesthetics
    • 12. Hopping on each Bandwagon
    • 13. Not Considering Responsive Design
    • 14. Working for Search Engines and Not Users
    • 15. Ignoring the Value of Content
    • 16. Creating Multi-faceted and Complicated User Interfaces
    • 17. Dreadful Onboarding and Sluggish First Impression
    • 18. Blindly Copying the Work of Close Competitors
    • 19. Over Focusing on Updates and Push Notifications
    • 20. Gathering Feedbacks and Working on them too Soon
    • 21. Over Utilization of Popups
    • 22. Over Emphasis on Being Engaging
    • 23. Utilization of Scroll Hijacking
    • 24. Similar Design on Diverse Platforms
    • 25. Designing for Yourself
  • Conclusion

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