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Everything you need to know about Jenkinsfile

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This complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial will help you configure build pipeline for your own project using Jenkinsfile.

It demonstrates the below topics with examples:

  • What is Jenkinsfile?
  • From Scripted to Declarative Pipeline Syntax
  • Basic Structure of Jenkinsfile
  • Post Build Actions in Jenkinsfile
  • Define Conditionals / When expression
  • Using Environmental Variables in Jenkinsfile
  • Using Tools attribute for making build tools available
  • Using Parameters for a Parameterized Build
  • Using external Groovy scripts

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Awesome post again ma'am. I have a question though. I've been following your dev-ops tutorial on youtube and I get some problem running scripts outside of docker. Is it ok to message you here?.

Sorry. I mean if you're not busy maybe you could help? thank you ma'am.