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Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial for Beginners [FREE] 🎉

I have created a free video course on Jenkins Pipeline for Beginners:


Here an overview of the content:

1. Run Jenkins in Docker Container

  • Pull Jenkins Image and run container
  • Initialize Jenkins and install default plugins
  • Create First Admin User
  • Types of Jenkins Projects

2. Create Multibranch Pipeline & Credentials

  • Create Multibranch Pipeline
  • Explain how Credentials Plugin work in Jenkins
  • Filter Branches by Name

3. Basics of Jenkinsfile

  • Pipeline Syntax: Scripted vs. Declarative
  • Basic Syntax
  • Test something in Jenkinsfile - Replay Jenkinsfile
  • Restart from stage

4. Trigger Jenkins Build automatically

  • Push Notification
  • Polling for changes

Happy watching 🤓

Check out the first video here:

Kubernetes 101Compact and easy-to-read ebook bundle 🚀
It's a handy way to quickly look something up or refresh your knowledge at work and use it as your cheatsheet 😎

I'm happy to connect with you on 😍

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Arsen Ibragimov

Looks useful! Thanks for sharing!