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How Prometheus Monitoring works πŸ”₯ Prometheus Architecture explained

Techworld with Nana
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Prometheus has become the mainstream monitoring tool of choice in container and microservice world. πŸ”₯

In my new video you will learn:

  1. Why Prometheus is so important in such infrastructure and what are some specific use cases
  2. Where and why is Prometheus used?
  3. Specific Use Cases
  4. How Prometheus works? What are targets and metrics?
  5. How does Prometheus collect those metrics from its targets?
  6. I explain Prometheus Architecture with simple diagrams and go through the main components: Prometheus Server, Pushgateway, Alertmanager, Prometheus Data Storage
  7. Configuring Prometheus - Example YAML Configuration
  8. The advantages of Prometheus Pull System compared to alternative monitoring tools, which use Push System
  9. Using Prometheus Monitoring with Docker 🐳 and Kubernetes

You will also better understand why it’s important to monitor your applications/infrastructure in general.

βœ… Separate practical video for monitoring Kubernetes services with Prometheus will follow βœ…

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Discussion (4)

alexandrudanpop profile image
Alexandru-Dan Pop

The amount of work and detail on the video are great - like it's pluralsight course good.

techworld_with_nana profile image
Techworld with Nana Author

Thank you very much πŸ’™ I put much effort into each of my videos, trying to make quality videos instead of quantity and I'm really happy that one can see that :)

sepyrt profile image
Dimitris R

Thank you for the video!

Another use case for requiring a push rather than a pull might be when you have multiple servers that are only available within a local network, and not necessarily connected to each other, and can't expose any endpoints.
It's actually an issue I'm trying to address and this video was very helpful since I haven't looked into prometheus before. I was wondering if in such cases will using the pushgateway component be ok or are there any better approaches when you absolutely need to push the metrics?

rishtham profile image

Thank you for video it was amazing and very well explained!