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Kubernetes YAML File simply explained for Beginners

YAML Configuration File is the main tool for creating and configuring components in Kubernetes cluster

In this video I show the syntax and contents of the configuration file by showing how to create and connect deployment and service component.

It's a good mix of simple animations (theory) and demo (practice) to get a good understanding.

Overview of the content:

  • 3 parts of a Kubernetes configuration file
    • metadata
    • specification
    • status
  • format of configuration file
  • blueprint for pods (template)
  • connecting services to deployments and pods (label & selector & port)
    • connecting deployment to pods
    • connecting services to deployments
    • ports
  • demo

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Amit Lamba

At 6:44 of the video, it's mentioned "And we tell the deployment...", this should actually say "And we tell the ReplicaSet..." This is because the ReplicaSet matches labels of app: nginx. The ReplicaSet tracks the pods, the Deployment tracks the ReplicaSet. For example, if we want to update the version of nginx, the Deployment will communicate to the ReplicaSet to update all nginx pods with a matching label for the update.

techworld_with_nana profile image
TechWorld with Nana

Cool thank you!