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Kubernetes Namespaces Explained in 15 mins

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kubernetes video (15 Part Series)

1) Kubernetes simply explained for beginners 2) The only Kubernetes video you need to watch to understand more about K8s than most developers 💪🏼 3 ... 13 3) Kubernetes Architecture simply explained 4) How Kubernetes makes high availability, scalability, disaster recovery possible? - with simple animations 🤩 5) What is Minikube and Kubectl? 🤔 Setup a Minikube cluster for Kubernetes Beginners 6) Kubectl Basic Commands | How to create and debug a pod in a Minikube cluster 😏 7) Kubernetes YAML File simply explained for Beginners 8) Complete Guide to setting up your Application using Kubernetes Components 9) Kubernetes Namespaces Explained in 15 mins 10) Kubernetes Ingress Tutorial for Beginners 🙌🏼 11) What is Helm in Kubernetes? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 12) Kubernetes Pods vs Containers | K8s Networking Basics 💡 13) ConfigMap and Secret as Kubernetes Volumes?! 🤔 14) How to pull image from private Docker Registry in Kubernetes cluster 🤔 15) Deployment vs StatefulSet | Kubernetes StatefulSet simply explained

This is a short but thorough video about Kubernetes Namespaces. What they are and how they can help you manage your Kubernetes resources.

In detail I'll go through the following topics:

  • What are Kubernetes Namespaces?
  • Explain the 4 Default Namespaces
  • Why to use Namespaces with 4 Use Cases
  • Characteristics of Namespaces
  • Demo of how to create components in Namespaces
  • Change the active namespace

Happy watching 🤓 💙

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Very good explanation of namespace.