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Kubernetes Ingress Tutorial for Beginners 🙌🏼

Complete Kubernetes Ingress Tutorial, in which I explain what Ingress and Ingress Controller is, when you need Ingress and how to configure Ingress in your Kubernetes cluster.

In detail the video covers the following topics:
✅ What is Ingress? External Service vs. Ingress
✅ Example YAML Configuration Files for Ingress and Internal Service
✅ How to configure Ingress in your cluster?
✅ What is Ingress Controller?
✅ Consideration about environment on which your cluster is running (Cloud provider or bare metal)
Demo: Configure Ingress in Minikube
✅ Ingress Default Backend
✅ Routing Use Cases
✅ Configuring https

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Top comments (3)

peterj profile image
Peter Jausovec

Great explanation!

techworld_with_nana profile image
TechWorld with Nana

Thanks Peter! :)

dmitrusty profile image
Dmitrusty • Edited

Much thanks for great explanation job!

Unfortunately, the reality is now different from the one described in this tutorial.

minikube addons enable ingress
does not create an ingress-controller in the default namespace. Instead, it creates an ingress-controller in the ingress-nginx namespace. And the rest of this wonderful tutorial doesn't work :(
I'm new to Kubernetes, and unfortunately this presents an insurmountable difficulty for me :(