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What is Helm in Kubernetes? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Probably you already heard of Helm and Helm Charts when using or learning Kubernetes.

But what is Helm and a Helm Chart exactly? When and how to use it? And why it's so popular? 🤔

In this video I'll explain exactly that - the main concepts and features of Helm, the package manager of Kubernetes.

Overview of topics I cover:

  • Package Manager and Helm Charts
  • Templating Engine
  • Use Cases for Helm
  • Helm Chart Structure
  • Values injection into template files
  • Release Management / Tiller
  • Downsides of Helm

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vcatalin profile image

Greatly explained, I now actually have a better grasp of what Helm is and does. Thank you!

techworld_with_nana profile image
TechWorld with Nana

Great, thanks for your feedback!