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ConfigMap and Secret as Kubernetes Volumes?! 🤔

ConfigMap and Secret components are usually used for creating individual values, which are passed as environment variables in the pod configuration.

But ConfigMap and Secret are also volume types, which people don't realize in the beginning. 💡

Using ConfigMap and Secret as volumes is actually a common requirement, e.g. think of applications that take configuration files as parameter on startup. Like prometheus, elastic search or your own java application taking a properties file or certificate file.

The question is how to pass these config files to Kubernetes Pods?

In this video 🎬 I show you how to create these configMap and secret volumes and how to use them in pods. I give you some real-life use cases and show you the syntax of using volumes in a pod configuration. 🙌🏼

ConfigMap and Secret

You can find the full video here:

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