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Managed Kubernetes Service explained | Kubernetes on Cloud ☁️ 🚀 (1/2)

There are so many tools and trends out there like Infrastructure as a Service, Kubernetes on Cloud or Managed Kubernetes Service that have developed over the last few years 🙉, so it's good to get a good big picture of these concepts.

In the below video I talk about running Kubernetes on Cloud and the benefits of a Managed Kubernetes Service.

Unmanaged vs Managed Kubernetes cluster 🤔

I explain the option of an unmanaged vs managed Kubernetes cluster on a cloud platform.

Unmanaged cluster means you need to create your own cluster from scratch and manage everything on your own. Which is not practical, when you want to setup things fast and easy.

Managed Kubernetes cluster: Cloud providers also offer Managed Kubernetes service (e.g. Linode Kubernetes Engine - LKE). This means you don't need to create the cluster from scratch and most is done automatically for you.

E.g. if you create a Kubernetes cluster on LKE you just choose the number of Worker Nodes. The Master Nodes are created automatically in the background and are managed by the cloud platform. So, you don't have to manage, secure or do any configuration on it and you only pay for the Worker Nodes 💸

Data Persistence, Load Balancing,... in a managed K8s cluster 🚀

In detail I go through the topics of

  • spinning up a cluster,
  • making your web application available from the browser through a load balancer,
  • how data persistence works in a managed Kubernetes cluster and
  • the problem of migrating from one cloud platform to another (vendor lock-in 🔐)
  • reducing network latency with different availability zones
  • automating tasks with automation tools like Terraform or Ansible

One of the known IaaS is Linode and I explain the mentioned topics with the example of Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), but the concepts you learn can be used for any other cloud platform as well. 💡

Watch the full video here 🤓

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