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What is Ansible? Ansible simply explained for Beginners

Ansible is an automation tool for IT tasks.

It is popular and widely accepted, because 1) it's usage of simple YAML language and 2) support for all types of infrastructure starting from Clouds to Virtual to bare metal servers.

In this video I explain examples of various IT tasks and how Ansible helps automate them to make daily DevOps tasks more efficient and less time consuming. 🙌🏼

I explain HOW Ansible does all this by going through its architecture:

  • Ansible Modules (small programs that get executed on target machines)
  • Ansible Playbook (instructions on HOW these programs get executed)
  • Ansible Inventory (list of hosts, WHERE those programs gets executed)

In the end I also show how Ansible makes working with Docker more efficient and powerful and how it compares to similar automation tools like Puppet and Chef.

Happy Easter 🐣🥚🙂

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Josh Duffney

Excellent video!