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What is JavaScript? 🤔

JavaScript is THE standard programming language of the web. It's used by more than 94 percent of all the websites 🌍 😲

So, understand what JavaScript is and what it's used for

JavaScript vs. (HTML, CSS and other programming languages)

In this short video below I explain how HTML, CSS and JS make up a website and how JavaScript compares to HTML/CSS on one hand and other programming languages like Java/Python on the other hand.

How to approach learning JavaScript?

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When you start learning JavaScript you soon hear about React and Angular or other JavaScript frameworks. Which can be confusing for a beginner 🤯 So I also explain what JS frameworks are and why they are useful.

✅ I will upload a complete JavaScript Tutorial for absolute beginners. So if you are completely new to programming this will give you a step by step guide to learn JavaScript. Subscribe on Youtube to get notified 🙂 ✅

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