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  • Very clean and legible design.
  • Has an aesthetic or theme that it pulls off very well
  • Illustrations of yourself and computer were a nice touch


  • Took ~5 seconds to load, but on the other hand everything was loaded when it was done (no post-load loading or janky reflows)
  • Loading spinner didn't match the theme
  • I'm not a fan of things sliding in as you scroll
  • Could maybe use a little less white and empty space
  • The T logo at the top is kind of up there by itself.
  • One buggy thing that may be because I have the font size turned up in MacOs (viewing in Firefox on laptop, though Chrome usually has the same problems, and this is a very common thing, so your site is not alone in this) is that the things seem cut off within the individual cards for robotics pages:

A screenshot of cards, showing a display bug in which text and buttons are cut off

Other than the last one, these aren't things I would take off points for, in terms this site showing your ability to do web development, because it clearly does. P.s., I'm not a designer, I just Have Opinions About Web PagesTM .


I agree with this. Perf stuff could be improved by hosting improvements, but also, now that you have a pretty clean overall design you could maybe consider re-implementing some of this for a faster first paint.

Perhaps you could send the above-the-fold content and styling in the HTML and async everything else.

Definitely clean and could have animations limited to make things simpler overall.


Thank you so much. This is so helpful. Will work to make it better.


Nice site! But I tried it on my iPhone, and I couldn't find a way to make the text on your robotics projects visible. On desktop, it becomes visible when you hover over them.

I alsoo used your site using VoiceOver, a screen reader on the iPhone, and encountered a number of accessibility issues. The most important one is giving your images alt attributes. I think most of the images on your site should have them empty (as in alt=""), because the content of the image is described in text on the site already. Without an alt-attribute, a screen reader will read the name of the image file.

For other accessibility tips, I recommend you open your site in Chrome, open Chrome's dev tools and click "audits". If you then run an audit and leave "accessibility" tips, you'll get an overview of the accessibility issues on your site. Overview of accessibility audit


Thank you so much. I've added alt to images.


My views are completely subjective and I can only critique the UI at a high level --

  • That's a very bright and striking violet/purple.

  • I don't think slide-right goes along with a downward-scroll.

  • Explanations in regards to the process of completing your projects would be beneficial.

  • Organize your projects: have categories for web programming, one for mobile development, one for hardware development

Other than those points, it's clean, smooth, spaced-out evenly. Great job and I wish you a great future in your career.

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