Need #help regarding MongoDB? #HELP

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Can anyone help me out? How can i learn MongoDB? any effective suggestions? Any suggested tutorials or should i follow official documentation for that? Any kind of youtube channel should i follow? #HELP any kind of suggestions most welcome.
Dev's help me out?

thanks & regards,

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I have written several small tutorials and also planned mongodb fro my next workshop

It’s an article series, will get updated with more articles


Ping me for any doubts.


thanks Harrison. Sure i will ping you. _^


Consider using the #help tag so it appears on the home page and gets in front of more Devs :D


thanks helen. I am new here so not aware. Next time i will care about that. _^


Looks like you'll need to remove one of the existing tags first and add in the #help tag. Maybe the #sql one could come off?

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