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Pre-commit-Golang v1.0.0-beta.1 – Now with support for running custom go tools


pre-commit-golang is a set of pre-commit hooks for Golang with support for monorepos, the ability to pass arguments to all hooks, and the ability to invoke custom go tools.

Quick Links: Project Page | Available Hooks | Installation | Releases

Release Announcement: v1.0.0-beta.1

I'm excited to announce that v1.0.0 is finally on the horizon !

This release accomplishes the two biggest things I wanted to reach v1.0.0:

  • Invoking Custom Tools
  • Removing Duplicate Code

Read below to learn more about both of these.

See the project's readme for more in-depth documentation.

NOTE: Due do the extent of new code in this release, I'm first releasing it as a beta until it has some time in the wild.

I've done a lot of local testing, but I don't have an automated test suite for the project yet, so please take a minute to report issues if you find any.

Invoking Custom Tools

While this project includes builtin hooks for many popular go tools, it's not possible to include builtin hooks for every tool that users might want to use.

To help accommodate those users, this release introduces the ability to invoke custom go tools.

Using the my-cmd-* hooks, you can invoke custom go tools in various contexts.

Hook ID Description
my-cmd Run '$ARGS[0] [$ARGS[1:]] $FILE' for each staged .go file
my-cmd-mod Run 'cd $(mod_root $FILE); $ARGS[0] [$ARGS[1:]] ./...' for each staged .go file
my-cmd-pkg Run '$ARGS[0] [$ARGS[1:]] ./$(dirname $FILE)' for each staged .go file
my-cmd-repo Run '$ARGS[0] [$ARGS[1:]]' in the repo root folder
my-cmd-repo-mod Run 'cd $(mod_root); $ARGS[0] [$ARGS[1:]] /...' for each module in the repo
my-cmd-repo-pkg Run '$ARGS[0] [$ARGS[1:]] ./...' in repo root folder

Configuring the hooks

The my-cmd hooks are configured entirely through the pre-commit args attribute, including specifying which tool to run (ie $ARGS[0] above)


Here's an example of what it would look like to use the my-cmd hooks to invoke go test if it wasn't already included:


# ...
            # Run 'cd $(mod_root $FILE); go test ./...' for each staged .go file
        -   id: my-cmd-mod
            name: go-test-mod
            alias: go-test-mod
            args: [ go, test ]
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Removing Duplicate Code

This release constitutes a huge re-factoring of the code, moving common logic into the lib/ folder, and removing as much code duplication as possible.

For example, here is the complete content of :

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# shellcheck disable=SC2034  # vars used by sourced script
cmd=(golint -set_exit_status)
# shellcheck source=lib/cmd-files.bash
. "$(dirname "${0}")/lib/cmd-files.bash"
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Thats it !

This should make it much easier to add new hooks, as well as all hooks being able to take advantage of future bug fixes and enhancements to the common code.

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