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Looking for an easy gamification solution...?

telkins profile image Travis Elkins ・2 min read

Do you want to gamify your app?

Would you like to enjoy some of the benefits that gamification can bring to your or your users?

Would you like to save time and money to get a rich set of gamification features?

If you said, "Yes", to any of these questions, then you will want to take a look at

What is r4nkt...?

R4nkt is a drop-in service that makes introducing gamification to your application easy. It is meant to be used via API, which means that it is platform-agnostic. It looks to handle as much of the heavy lifting of gamification as possible, currently supporting many common gamification features that will add value to your application.


Some of its high-level features include:

  • Platform-agnostic: Once a r4nkt game is created, it can be managed and used via API from any platform that can make HTTP requests.
  • Standard gamification resources: Define your own achievements and the actions and criteria required to earn them. Create and use different kinds of leaderboards for different purposes.
  • Quality of life improvements: Features like reactions and achievement stacks aim to improve the quality of life for r4nkt developers.
  • Language/Framework Packages: We currently have a PHP SDK and a Laravel package to help get up to speed more quickly. More will be added as time allows and need/interest dictate.
  • Flexible admin options: Use the API or our Laravel Nova-based GUI admin tool.
  • Secure: All connections are secure and data is protected.
  • Powerful backend: Powered by AWS.
  • Respects privacy: R4nkt does not collect your users' personal all.

What now...?

R4nkt is ready to be opened up to a few people who are in a position to "kick its tires", so to speak. We are hoping for feedback that will help us iron out wrinkles, address any unforeseen pain points or missing functionality, and determine near-future feature development.


So...if you're interested, please visit us online to register your email address with us or follow us and let us know via Twitter. We will be in touch with you after that.

You can also read a little more on our blog.

Thanks...! We're looking forward to working with you.

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Liam Arbuckle

Hey Travis, just briefly I've been really interested in adding community features to webapps and games (one of my main projects right now) and after moving away from Wordpress for a while, I started investigating other solutions and frameworks for other usecases. R4nkt seems to be promising, so I'll keep an eye on it :)

telkins profile image
Travis Elkins Author


Thanks for your comments...! :-)

R4nkt might be a good solution for you. There's a list of community features that are on the ol' todo clans, friends, enemies, challenges, etc. Right now, we've got the foundation in place: players, achievements, badges, leaderboards, rankings, well as the infrastructure to support communications between our customers' systems and r4nkt. Definitely looking forward to building upon this foundation...!

Anyway, right now we're looking for developers with a legitimate interest and need to use r4nkt for free for a while to provide "feedback that will help us iron out wrinkles, address any unforeseen pain points or missing functionality, and determine near-future feature development."

So...keep that in mind, and please share with anyone you know who might be interested.

Thanks, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. :-)

gizmotronn profile image
Liam Arbuckle

Would I be able to join the team long term?

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Travis Elkins Author

Hi Liam,

I'm sorry, but are you wanting to join the team as an employee? If so, then it's possible we've had a misunderstanding. We're not currently in a position to hire any employees at the moment.

What we are looking for is developers/companies who have applications that they would like to gamify. For the next few weeks or months, we would like to open up r4nkt to be used by a handful of these developers/companies for free. We would ask for feedback during this time as we work to polish the service and find any possible pain points that we may have overlooked.

So, we would like to work together in that regard. Does that make sense?

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gizmotronn profile image
Liam Arbuckle

I understood what you were offering but I was enquring about going a step further. But yes, it does make sense

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Travis Elkins Author

Ah....very smart...! :-)