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Tyler V. (he/him)
Tyler V. (he/him)

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3 Things That I Love About Vue

There are a lot of reasons I enjoy Vue as much as I do, but I want to cover 3 of the biggest reasons I've found the Developer Experience to be so overwhelmingly positive!

1. Documentation Perfection

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When people talk about Vue, something that comes up a lot is how good Vue's documentation is. And with the release of the Vue 3 beta documentation, they include a documentation writing guide which outlines their approach to docs. The combination of these reasons results in a Developer Experience that puts their docs miles ahead of others.

The standout memory of using the docs was the first time I wanted to add transitions to elements and the docs not only work through the process but also include code you can drop in to have elements fade in/out!

2. Separation of languages in Single File Components

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While you can drop Vue in via CDN to add it in a small portion of your website at a time, Vue really shines with Single File Components (commonly abbreviated to SFC).

A single file component will have the .vue file extension, which works like a superpowered .html file. It breaks down to 3 root elements:

  • <template> where you put your HTML
  • <script> where you put your JS
  • <style> where you put your CSS

Especially as someone looking to jump into a framework from HTML/CSS. This set me up to crush it with the stuff I was familiar with and then focus on adding the JavaScript as needed.

3. Vue UI

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Vue UI is one of those features that does such a spectacular job of helping to onboard beginners to the Command-Line Interface (often abbreviated as CLI) that even as someone that hasn't leveraged its power, I get excited just knowing that it is an option at all.

Now that I'm done raving - What is it?

Well, once you have the Vue CLI installed, you can run vue ui from your terminal and Vue will spin up a command center of sorts in your browser. To name a few things that this allows you to do outside of the terminal:

  • Create a new project
  • Manage/Install plugins
  • Update plugins
  • Manage dependencies
  • run/start npm scripts

This feature is still in beta, but you can learn more about Vue UI here.

These are 3 of the reasons I've loved the Developer Experience so much with Vue! Have you used Vue? If so, what do you love/hate about Vue?

Let me know below 👇

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beabkal profile image
Beabkal "Bab" Eshete

Hi Tayler,

Thanks for the post!

I'm looking to start learning Vue and I would like to know what the best method/framework is to build native mobile apps using Vue.js. I've read about Quasar and Vue Native, but as there is React Native for React, what would you say is the best counter alternative for Vue?

terabytetiger profile image
Tyler V. (he/him)

I don't think it's a pure 1-1, but I've heard a lot of good things about NativeScript and think it's more flexible than Quasar (I haven't used either very extensively, this is just my understanding since you can use whatever framework you fancy with it).

beabkal profile image
Beabkal "Bab" Eshete

That's what I thought. It seems like Vue has some miles to cover in this department. I've heard about NativeScript, i'll look into it. Thanks.