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Nevertheless, Paula Coded

I began/continue to code because...

Since I was a a toddler, I've been using the computer. I was into science because my dad showed me Cosmos episodes, and I liked mechanics. Although, I didn't know about computer engineering until I was in secondary school, when I discovered it by chance on the internet. I still remember becoming so excited and started looking for more and more information about it, learning coding in python on my own and studying really hard in Baccalaurete science degree for getting the grades that would allow me to study computer engineering. I keep coding and learning new languages since then, as a computer engineering senior student, because it makes me feel as excited as back then when I discovered I could build programs and hardware.

I recently overcame...

Some senior year subjects in a new speciality. When I was first offered to pick a computer science speciality I took Hardware and electronics, and I really liked it but I wanted to get a wider view, and so this year I also took some subjects from a different specialization (information systems) which includes several new things for me such as cloud computing, applications development and systems' security. I passed them all at once and I'm very excited about exploring new areas.

I want to brag about...

Interferencias and HACKIIT groups. Interferencias is a digital rights awareness association I founded in 2016 that grabbed so much attention in my country and currently have more than 500 members. I feel happy that many people are into digital rights and want to protect our privacy. HACKIIT is a Hacking group in my university, and I was assigned as a tutor for a group of students who are into network and forensic hacking. This allows me keep investigating, learning and sharing what I love the most in computer science: security.

My advice for allies to support women who code is....

We are not "female programmers", we are programmers. Engineers. Treat us as equals and react accordingly. My classmates and friends, the guys in Interferencias and HACKIIT, they all trust my word and my code because I have proven it to be trustworthy, and that gives me wings to improve each and everyday comfortably as an equal. If anyone around you compromises this equality, don't keep your mouth shut, please!

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Maria Michou

"We are not 'female programmers', we are programmers. Engineers." That basically captures everything. Thanks for sharing!