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Nevertheless, Paula Coded

I haven't write for a while now over here because I started a new job that demands quite a lot of time and effort, and I've thinking about writing over here a lot lately. When I received the mail about the #shecoded I thought "this is the time!".

I already wrote an #ama post over here and I participated in the #shecoded tag last year. To sum things up, I'm a security analyst and I'm investigating about digital rights and privacy.

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I wouldn't stop, I couldn't. I made tech a very personal close thing in my life and there's no turn back on this. My job doesn't implies programming a lot (it does implies breaking a lot) but I enjoy creating and doing some experiments both for my job's shake and for my personal entertainment.

I hope to see the security community open

There aren't many women in the security industry. I'd love to think someday any girl who wants to work in security will be able to do so, not driven by any condescendent advise but to develop their already known passion, and it would be amazing to see the dudes around seeing this as damn normal and nothing to point at or admirate more than you would admire any other person for doing their job, and to be told if not, naturally, in a healthy job environment.

This is a very difficult goal to reach as a community, as there's quite a lot of social and cultural walls that needs to break and fall before we can even start thinking about solving the problem in tech and security indsutry. The security community is quite open, healthy and reflexive, so it's a perfect environment to develop a change. We need both, a healthy envorinment and culturally uncensored girls.

There's a long path to get there, hard work ahead. But nevertheless we'll code.

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Rémi Lavedrine

I would definitely move to see more girls involved in the security industry.
Security is a very large topic and I think that it can cover very technical to less technical topic. Which can be found as easier to catch for someone who doesn't want to be that technical (maybe some girls wants to, at least I know some and tried to advocate to say try the leap ).

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Martin Riedel

Please continue to build and break things! It's so much fun anyways :D
And rest assured, there are people in the industry, that value other perspectives than the ones that reach us anyway.

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There's no way to stop coding if you love it. I hope you'll be able to break all the social and cultural walls. Fingers crossed, Paula!