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Rubber Ducky

You might have heard about the technique of Ducky debugging in which you tell a rubber ducky your dev problems and then you know how to solve them, but this is not the case, we are talking about nasty duckies here, not cute problem solvers ones.

Regardless the name, Rubber Ducky is the name of a hacking injection device that consist in a pen drive and a micro SD. The pack itself also comes with the case, and a couple of USB adapters.

The device imitates the human keyboard input, “Humans use keyboards. Computers trust humans prays the motto. The process is simple, in the micro SD we save a program called “inject.bin that we previously generated based in a code. We connect the micro SD in the duck and connect the code in the targeted computer, then it will make its magic.

Not long ago a friend of mine described hackers as some kind of magicians. They do their thing and no one knows how they do it, there’s a trick behind the curtain and you feel far away from knowing the truth. The trick in this case is fully documented on the Github Wiki, which explains how to write the code that afterwards will be encoded.

This is the official Command Breakdown

DELAY x — Delay in milli-secs
STRING xyz — types following characters
GUI — Windows Menu Key
GUI r — Windows Run box
COMMAND — OSX Command Key
CAPS |CAPSLOCK — Capslock Key
ENTER — Return/Enter key
SPACE — Spacebar
REPEAT x — Repeat previous command X times.
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You can even use some (but not all) two or three key-combinations:

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With this and some knowledge of the Operating System we will be injecting the duck in, should be enough to make the easiest steps. Of course the responsibility of your actions are totally under you, this device could be used as a tester, as a social engineering companion or as a weapon. That’s up to you.

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maxvonhippel profile image
Max von Hippel

I have one of these, but have only ever used it for pranks on my friends.

They are alarming, though. If I remember correctly, mine could type faster than the refresh rate of the screen on my prior gen (thick) MacBook Pro 13".

rivet92 profile image

There are tons of arduino based clones from $2 up to 30 some even with more features, like dip switches to choose wich script to run or even wifi capabilities. There is also a code repo on github with the code needed to make some of these (around $10) run regular ducky scripts, and a "translator" to convert ducky scripts into arduino code. You can use even a regular arduino (not all of them), or a modified pendrive to do this.

BTW, nice article. It's a ton of fun playing with this things, and a lot of people don't even know this exist. I started using them after hearing about cheap alternatives at a hack and beers conference.

andreanidouglas profile image
Douglas R Andreani

was amazing when they used the ducky on the Mr Robot Season 2