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Presentations I would love to watch

I was thinking if i could present or watch a presentation, what subjects would I be interested in.

Information Security

My Mobile App is leaking, what do I do?

  • With the amount of new applications that are on the Google and iOS Marketplace, it is inevitable that some of the applications are not going to be as secure as they should be. The focus of the applications are the easy targets of kids games. How do we know that the new Dora the Explorer app isn't mining your phone and telling the world your secrets. This talk will show you how to check the applications
  • What to look for when browsing the Marketplace
  • Permissions, why do you want to access that?

Is there any room at the Inn?

  • It's late, you've gone through passport control and you arrive at your hotel. You've paid €/$/£25 for next day breakfast and all you want to do is crash in your room.
    • You get into your room and notice that they have Wifi. Sometime's it's a private one, sometimes it's a public wifi with no credentials. As a savvy user of the Internet, you want to know the dangers and what you can do to secure your laptop and data. This presentation will tell you how.

Did you check the front door?

  • You've got a new modem and you've hooked up all of your devices to your network. You've got your macbooks, PS4, XBoxes, Iot Kettle, your Google Home/Alexa. How do you check that you've locked the front door and no-one is spying on you.
    • How to check your IoT devices
    • How to ensure that you've locked the front door and you have no open ports
    • Good Home Network Hygiene

Hi, My name is 'Name'

  • You work as a QA but you're interested in Information Security. How do you approach your Information Security department and integrate yourself with them. How do you let them know that you're interested in what they do. I know people enjoy talking about themselves (well maybe not Info Sec people, what with Social Engineering). How can you do the above without annoying them.

These are just ideas I've had and I'll be thinking and doing a post about the Quality Assurance talks that would be interesting. Let me know what you think and if there are good presentations about the above, then please let me know.

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