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Contrib: Using Nodemailer with Express and Templating

th3n00bc0d3r profile image Muhammad ・1 min read

Hello Viewer,

I recently stumbled upon a user of dev.to, who wanted help in getting nodemailer to work with express. As a beginner sometimes all that documentation is a bit confusing and you only need that is required to get the thing going, so i thought i`d share this with you guys. I made a little github, hope it is helpful.


  • Node and NPM
  • Email Account with SMTP

Github: https://github.com/th3n00bc0d3r/Nodemailer-Express-Node

From Command Line

git clone https://github.com/th3n00bc0d3r/Nodemailer-Express-Node
cd Nodemailer-Express-Node
npm install
open app.js in your Editor and change smtp settings

node app.js

You will need to initiate a GET Call to http://localhost:3000/send/mail or just open it in the browser that should work as well.


Editor guide

Hi, I removed the #beginners tag. The tag should be for devs on the 0-2/10 scale. You can check the updated guidelines for the tag here :


Thanks, dont worry, i am just new to this, ill get used to it. Ill go through this.