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Suri Nuthalapati
Suri Nuthalapati

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Tech Stack and Cloud Infrastructure to choose for your StartUP.

Hello, What are the Tech Stack (front-end, back-end, and data stores), and cloud Infrastructure (AWS) needed to build faster and with less cost for operations. Product is a Web application and iOS/Android app.


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Debashis Dip

Honestly speaking.
Go with the toolsets you know most about and develop on top of it.
As for me, I would choose Python, Django as the framework with Django rest framework.
My database of choice would be PostgreSQL + Redis.
My static file storage would be amazon s3.
And I would use Nginx as the proxy server and host the application at DigitalOcean

On top of that, I would use React for the frontend.

The reasons that I choose those is because they are tested in the past, have a strong community backup in the present and I am more familiar with working with that stack.

Note: I am using DigitalOcean for the projects that I am doing is because it's cheaper.

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Aswath KNM

Golang and React or Angular .

Golang is faster, can support both microservices and monolith architecture, ever improving, more developers support.

React or Angular. Works with both web , Easy to create mobile and desktop apps. Great Community and Easy to find Developers.

I can't say anything about DB and caching mechanism. It varies upon your needs.

For code hosting and CI/CD you can use gitlab, as it provides better functionality than Github.

For CRM and docs, try Zoho.

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Whatever you know best I think :)

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