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Musicians (and others!): the Box of Scales is now bigger

Goooood evening! Or good morning/afternoon, depending on where or when you are...

Wanted to update you on my side project that started out as shuffling scales to practise.

Box of Scales will now (on the fly) generate the notes (ascending and descending for melodic minor!), left/right hand finger patterns, and play the scale for you using Tone.js (based on WebAudio).

On the technical side of things I've moved away from bootstrap and over to material-ui and what a difference it has made to ease of implementation. A little hiccup to start with having to convert my components from classes to FC's but I got there.

And yes the project at the moment is very much taking function over form at the moment (a polite way of saying it is ugly as sin... but at least responsive), but this is now the second project (personal website is the other, but that's a post for another day...) I've switched to using mui and it's just a revelation.

On the topic of developer religious experiences, I'll also be moving the hosting over to Netlify after again revisiting my workflow on another project. I'm used to spinning up and managing servers, but it has been a joy to use Netlify with the git push continuous deployment. So easy to use.

For those interested in the full tech stack its:

  • TypeScript
  • react
  • redux
  • redux-thunk
  • material-ui
  • Netlify (just need to switch DNS this evening)

I've almost got the codebase how I'd like it in order to open source it.

So far it has been a nice change of pace in the evenings from what I work on in my day job (essentially IoT stuff) and the really neat thing is there are piano teachers actively using it with their students daily.

Anyway, enough ramblepost, here's some links if you're interested or the least bit curious.

Twitter: @boxofscales

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Grace Taylor

This looks great! When I was a kid practicing scales, I had a physical box of scales with papers I would draw to randomly pick something to practice.

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Jacob Baker

That was exactly the inspiration! My teacher had a box of scales but they kept getting lost and tatty and I was way too lazy to make my own and spend time laminating the paper so I made this digital one.