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The Collab Lab TCL-34 Recap

TCL-34 amazing team

The Collab Lab (TCL) is a non-profit organization that provides an 8-week program for early-career developers supported by volunteer mentors. It’s a great space to practice collaboration, communication skills as it was a real work environment.

Goal the project

The goal of this project is to collaborate with your Collab Lab team to create a “smart” shopping list app that learns your buying habits and helps you remember what you’re likely to need to buy on your next trip to the store.

Tech stack: React & React Hooks, Firebase, Git, GitHub, and Firebase Hosting

The amazing, talented team

  • Isabella Soares: adaptability to new, different environments and good communication skills.
  • Mailliw Mogollon: a great initiative to help teammates, and always looking for new knowledge.
  • Susana Ruiz: curiosity about best practices, and working in a team.
  • Yancarlo Urdaneta: happy to face new challenges.

💯 This team is an example of teamwork, dedication, hard work, and a huge commitment to your goals 🌟.


Something super important to mention is that the project experience is fully responsive (desktop & mobile version). They took care of every detail! 💚

1. Add/join a shopping list

They added a way to create new shopping lists that can be used to add products to buy. Also, they worked on a section where a user might write down a token shared (for instance it should already be registered in the database and add new products to the user list).

Home page

2. The Shopping list view

This is a page where users can take a look at the items that they want to buy and/or the items they bought already. This section includes filtering items by name and "checking" the items you have bought, so the algorithm can make estimations based on your previous purchases.

List page

3. Add a product to the shopping list

The team created an accessible form (a11y) to let you add products to your shopping list, and allows you to pick when you are planning to buy the product (soon, kind of soon, or not soon) so the algorithm can estimate recommendations for your future purchases!.

Add item page

4. Delete a product from the shopping list

To make your life easier, the team created a feature to delete products from the shopping list so you don’t need to have information that you don’t need anymore. They focused on accessibility to have a more inclusive experience.

Delete page

You want to see their incredible work✨. Visit their 🚀 GitHub repository

TCL-34 workflow

One of the most important parts to mention is how they built this amazing app and what they needed to work together as a team. They were a supportive and collaborative team 🎉.

  • Teamwork, pair programming
  • Sync/Async communication
  • Project management
  • Create Pull Requests, code reviewing
  • Design wireframes, and user interfaces.

If you want to know more about them or the process, you can reach out to their TCL-34 mentors:

✨ The TCL-34 team has done an amazing job by creating this product in such a short amount of time and adding all the care, detail, dedication, support, and incredible teamwork that can be seen as the result of their work. 🎉🎉

They did an amazing job during these weeks and you won’t regret having them on your team or company! 🏆😄

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Nick Taylor

Great work everyone!

Kylo Ren on Undercover Boss giving a thumbs up

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Alejandro M. Coca

Thank you so much, Nick! 😃👍