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Caitlyn Greffly
Caitlyn Greffly

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Throwback TV Show Zoom Backdrops That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Workday

So we've been working from home for a while, and if you're anything like me, you are bored of the wall behind you. Totally scientific and completely fictional studies show that adding a fun zoom background can improve your mood by up to 95% during your workday! So I've compiled a list of some of my favorites based on tv shows. I obviously have some extra time on my hands here, but I am sure this beer-fueled activity will bring great value to many.

Central Perk

Of course this list starts with Friends. And honestly, no one did tell me that life was going to be this way...
Friends Central Perk Coffee House

Luke's Diner

One of my favorite spots to virtually hang out, especially because it suits my desperate need for coffee. Just remember, no cell phone's allowed.
Lukes Diner from Gilmore Girls

Dr. Crane's Apartment

This is an especially good background for those rainy days when you wish you were in Seattle sipping fine wine and listening to the smooth radio sounds of Dr. Frasier Crane.
Frasier's apartment

The Creek

Have your colleagues been a little melodramatic and you need a backdrop to fit? Visit your old friend Dawson and have a good cry on the pier.
Dawson's Creek creek

The Forman Basement

If you want to give your meetings a little edge and keep your coworkers guessing as to where you actually live, might I suggest this smoke-filled scene from That 70s Show.
That 70s Show smokey basement

The Chef's RV

Another great work-friendly backdrop to keep your colleagues guessing about your latest side hustle (if they can't place the iconic Breaking Bad RV).
Breaking Bad Meth Van

Office Interview

The perfect backdrop for those honest conversations you'll have while looking straight into the (zoom) camera.
The office tv show backdrop

High Tea at The Abbey

The dowager requests your presence at Downton, formal wear not required. Now where is the footman with my tea?
Downton Abbey formal tea room

Jerry's Apartment

Passable as your own apartment, minus the chunky computer in the background. Too bad Kramer won't burst in during your call to entertain your coworkers.
Jerry Seinfeld's apartment

Pawnee Parks & Rec Department

Have an important meeting and need to channel the confidence and energy of Leslie Knope? Don't stress, afterward you'll get waffles.
Leslie's office from parks and rec


Where everybody knows your name, and no one judges you for having a beer at any hour of the day.
Bar from Cheers

The Banana Stand

There's allllllways money in the banana stand.
Arrested Development Banana Stand

There are literally hundreds more. So many zoom backgrounds you could have a new one for each day and never get bored. Your colleagues may get bored, but you won't.

Coming soon: Harry Potter themed Zoom backgrounds.

Top comments (8)

torianne02 profile image
Victoria Crawford

I absolutely loved reading this! I laughed out loud a few times, especially about the banana stand. 😂

thecaitcode profile image
Caitlyn Greffly

Hahah great! I also laughed a good amount making it. Definitely in search of activities that make me smile these days.

dana94 profile image
Dana Ottaviani

Great idea!

hannahsaurusrex profile image

improvement, guaranteed! ✌️

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Might have to rock The Office interview chair for my next call 😎

djpandab profile image
Stephen Smith

This kicks!

sarahwise profile image

Dr Crane's Apartment or the Office Interview seat are easily my favorites out of these.

clara profile image

Love it!

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