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Edpresso spotlight: Mohan Pawar

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“It’s been a learning and then doing experience for me.” -- Mohan Pawar

Mohan Pawar is the creator of, “The Kubernetes architecture simplified”, the shot that received the most views of any externally authored shot in May 2020. He has been a part of the Edpresso community for four months.

Mohan has always been keen on solving challenging programming problems. He has put a lot of effort into learning so that he can solve increasingly more complex problems. Pawar is a competitive programmer, which he says has given him “an additional advantage” as he is able to write robust code that is not sloppy.

Mohan has been a competitive programmer for five years. He started programming while pursuing a master’s degree, but he didn’t start actual development until his first internship as a Java developer.

Mohan began blogging because he figured that instead of following someone’s blog, he could just do the work and create his own. He has found that blogging helps to increase his productivity and has allowed him to continue to enjoy learning.

Mohan’s final message to his readers is, “Be the master in whatever field you work, invest your time and pay attention to what fascinates you -- I hope that you will follow your passion, whatever you do.”

Check out his other shots: Create a Kubernetes cluster using kubdeadm and How to create pods in Kubernetes. Or follow him on Twitter.

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