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Humza Hasan
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I Don't Know JS Yet (Weekly Updated)

When I started my web development journey(roughly 2 years ago), my first experience was with legacy codebase with pre-ES6 syntax. It was ok-ish to honest cause I had no idea about the existence of ES6+ syntax.

Fast forward to today where ES6 is pretty much the benchmark, and after doing a dozen of projects using Vanilla JS(using ES5 and ES6+ syntax) with intermediate experience in ReactJS as well. I decided to jot down my learnings in this Series 'I Don't Know JS Yet'.

Head over to the below articles where we start from the stepping stone of Javascript and move our way towards intermediate level πŸ‘‡

πŸ‘‰Declaration and Scope (Published)

πŸ‘‰Hoisting (Published)

🀚Next article publishing soon.

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