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Idrees Dargahwala
Idrees Dargahwala

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functions.js is a hub of various functions or methods which act differently according to their functionality.

The project was originally named as okay-string which had only string validation methods. To go further with the learning process, i thought of renaming it to functions.js & create, practice more functions and make a contribution to the open source community.

The project is work in progress i.e more and more functions are needed to implemented in order to excel in JavaScript programming. The project is open for contributions via pull requests.

The project is open-sourced on Github and available on npm for download.

I hope you love this project & this small quick read.

happy coding ! ❤️

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Gokula Krishnan

Get me some of your ideas, I can contribute to your project...

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Idrees Dargahwala

If you have any ideas or functions which could solve a problem or maybe could be generic functions, make a pull request. 😉