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Getting React.js Certified in TEN MINUTES! (Beginners Guide)

Welcome! This tutorial is considered to be an order of magnitude easier than other React tutorials, because we focus on a slightly different version of React that is much easier than the normal version. But the knowledge is completely transferable (and way more fun)!

Instead of using the normal version of React we're using a version called "Vue". But don't worry! You're not getting a watered down version by using it. It's actually more powerful, faster, smaller, and is beloved by React's creators and the React community. And most of all 10 times easier! Wow! Why isn't everyone using it? They are! Most people are moving from React to this newer, better version. So let's learn it, have some fun, and get certified as "A Real React Developer™", by the governing body of this tutorial. You can even put that on your résumé!

The first step for learning React is to install Vue.js. Normally React can only make WebApps, but the Vue version can also be used for websites.

So you need to pick your starting point!

I want to create a Website!

  1. Add a CDN link to Vue to your page:
    • <script src=""></script>

I want to create a Webapp!

  1. Install Node.js & npm
  2. In your command prompt or terminal, run:
    • git clone && cd vite-vue3-pinia-options-api && npm install && npm start

Learning to code React

Follow this official "Getting started guide" for the Vue.js version of React:

As you learn, check off these important concepts:

{{ doubleCurlies }} and data values
v-bind:href (or :href) attribute binding
v-model for two-way data-binding
v-if, v-else, and v-else-if conditionals
v-for loops
v-on:click or @click
computed properties
props on a component
created and other life-cycle hooks


That's it! You've done it, by the powers vested in me, from the global state of the React Higher Order Council (React HoC), you are now certified as "A Real React Developer™".

Print off your certificate here:

Share this with your friends, so they can be certified too!

Take a picture with your certification and share on Twitter! Be sure to mention @TheJaredWilcurt so I see it.

* Not officially endorsed by Facebook in any way
** Certificate not available to those in TN, HI, CR or LF
*** I believe in you, nothing can stop you, you are a champion

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Casey 💎

Huh, I've been learning React all wrong...

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The Jared Wilcurt

so many have. don't forget to print your certificate