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The Badass Solution for Kubernetes Monitoring



Wait, wtf is Kubernetes? As the Industry is shifting into a “Containerized” world, increasingly companies are implementing Kubernetes (K8s) as a container-orchestration tool to help abstract away some of the DevOps demands that come with running modern, cloud based applications.

Developed by Google in 2014, and now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes allows any company to operate it’s software code at the same level of scalability as the largest companies in the world on competitive data center pricing for hardware resources via the utilization and management of Containers.

KubraKai, The Badass Solution

Hype aside, Kubernetes still has downfalls. More and more development teams need tools to help monitor metrics as health indicators within a Kubernetes Cluster. Currently, the open-source tools available for monitoring a Kubernetes Cluster do not provide an acceptable mobile-first solution.

Welcome to KubraKai, an open-source Web App for Kubernetes monitoring for engineers who don’t want to be tied to their computer.

KubraKai allows Users to create a profile for storing and tracking numerous Kubernetes Clusters, all within a mobile-first environment!

User Profile

Users are able to create personalized profiles which store the IP addresses of the Kubernetes Clusters they want to monitor any time they return. Through the utilization of industry standard encryption User’s can rest assured that their information will be secure.


Google’s OAuth user creation and login resource is another quality of life feature our users can utilize, as displayed above.

Track and Monitor Multiple Clusters

Users are able to update a new IP Address on the fly through a simple input field that will store the newly added address to the Users profile. IP address, and specifically the data they provide, are accessible via a simple drop down menu that toggles different IP metrics.


Accessible in a Mobile-First Environment

“In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding >tablets) generated over 50% of global website traffic. That >number is consistently hovering around the 50 percent mark >since the beginning of 2017.”

KubraKai aims to reach all consumers, regardless of the device. Monitoring doesn’t stop once the engineer clock’s out for the day. As Kubernetes continues to gain market share, even among smaller companies with less resources, having a tool to check on things regardless of where one is located.


Open-Source, Open to contributions and Open to thoughts…

KubraKai is currently in Beta production. This application was developed with high aspirations for a monitoring tool of great impact. As an open-source project KubraKai invites all readers to join the “Kai” by testing the application, submitting issues, or even contributing to the project!

For more information about KubraKai, you can find us at!

Or on our Github!

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