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Importance of Writing Clean Code

Writing clean code is very important, especially in apps that are big in size and where multiple teams are working.

1. Extension becomes easy
Following proper architecture and writing clean code makes it easy to extend the functionalities of your application.

2. A new developer will find it less difficult to understand your code
Whenever a new dev gets added to the team, he/she will find it less complicated to read the code and understand what has been written. In contrast to that, the unclean code will require a lot of time and effort to understand.

3. Making changes becomes easy
A clean code will allow you to make changes more efficiently. Like, changing one thing in a part will not break the other features. If you have experienced this, you know how bad it can become.

4. Testing and Debugging the Code becomes much more simple
Finding bugs in an unclean and the code that is all over the place is a big ask. There are also chances that some bugs might be caused due to the non-neat code itself!

How to write clean code ?

It's not that difficult. Following best architectural patterns, naming conventions, wring self descriptive code will do the job for you.

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