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Top 5 Resources to Master Web3 in 2k22

Hello, everyone Nomadev here, back after a long hectic time :)

Let's discuss some useful Resources To Master Web 3 in 2k22 -


1. Build Space

With a community of more than 50K builders building in web3, earning NFTs, and accessing numerous work opportunities in crypto. Giving you features like Quickly browsing + filtering through 10,000+ profiles and recruiting full-stack engs, Solana/EVM devs, game devs, and more.



A community focused on building a library of the best Web3 educational resources in the space. Covering all the fundamentals of web3 development: from writing Solidity to minting NFTs, to building full-stack apps. Bringing you resources from the best in the blockchain.

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If you're a web3 developer, you're probably already familiar with useweb3.XYZ, useWeb3 is a platform for developers to explore and learn about Web3. Whether you're a new dev getting your hands dirty for the first time, or a seasoned developer making the transition into the Web3 space.



Vito. cc is one of the most unique sites that have nice blogs on web3, frontend Development. You can join the platform and newsletters to excel in web3.
You will see complete guidance blogs and opportunities based on web3 on this platform.



Learnweb3 is a great platform to learn web3, including special guided paths for all types of experienced developers. From Freshmans to seniors it includes guided paths to learn web3. Curious about Web3 as a developer, Wonder what are NFTs, DAOs, Defi, and Smart Contracts? This is the place for you!

If you are interested in:

→Becoming a remote developer

→Master in Open Source

→Growing in your current role

→Web & DevOps

→ Freelancing

→Coding Memes

→Tips & Resources

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That's my time dev's, see you next time, Happy Coding

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Jon Randy 🎖️ • Edited

The advantage of Web 3.0 is the ability to access data from anywhere

The internet. That's the internet, not web3

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Ali Navidi

Great article, thanks.

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