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Welcome Thread - v119

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Spiderman hi

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Welcome to DEV, everyone!

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Kaique Garcia

Thanks Gracie!

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Ladislav Szolik

Hi guys 🙋‍♂️ !

Ladislav here, ux designer. looks like a nice community to join 😉
Recently I got few side projects and I code them myself, so I want to level up my tech skills. 💪

Looking forward to connect with you!

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Gau Liang


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That is Nice. I like to follow you footsteps as a beginner.

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Asish Raz

Hello everyone. 👋🏿👋🏾👋🏽👋🏼👋👋
Damn excited to be a part of this community.
Exploring the dimensions of networking and as a result, I am here.
Looking for front-end domain knowledge and jobs and will share my learning here.
I love to write whatever I learn something interesting or new.
Any suggestion is great.
Looking forward to the response from the team.
Thank you and keep rocking.

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Asish Raz

and please share your thought on my first dev blog:

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Son of Rose

Hi everyone..
I am so new to the community and coding,I have joined several communities just to keep. I currently graduated from college with a degree in computer science and I am very much I love with data science. I a beginner in programming but have been loving the process and challenges so far.
I am loving the feelings already🤗🙂🙂😉

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Dominique P

Hi I’m currently just starting my journey in getting my degree for computer science. Would you recommend I continue this Path and if so what are some tips you have for college? Thank you!

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Hello everyone my name is Kaleab Haile. I am new. Currently am a student. I am working my thesis for my master degree in computer science. I am a fan of python.

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Mashiur Rahman

HI! Haile. Welcome to the community. I'm also new to the community myself. How about coming with an idea, even if it's about solving a programming problem, and work together on that via github? I'm sure that would be fun!

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Mashiur Rahman

YO! What's up? I'm looking for partners to work together. To build something interesting and fun! May be something silly that can't be used in real world, but who knows? what the future holds. Btw I love to code on ruby, but also I recently familiarized myself with django. hope your happiness!

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Someshwar Tripathi

Yo, let's do something together

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Steven Pens

Hello everyone,
I am new to this community, so far I am a beginner who has learned Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the past 6 months. I'll try my best to learn more by being the part of this community.

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hi. I am envious of your progress. Those are exactly the areas in which I hope to improve, and it is slow-going for me. I really like your last sentence. I'm gonna try my best to learn more by being a part of this community too!

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Alejandro Rodríguez

Hi there!

I'm a developer who loves cats. I love Linux, open source, and tinkering with computers and electronics. Besides, I consider myself as a Life Beta Tester.

I joined DEV as an alternative to the mainstream social media. As this community is developer focused I'm sure I'll have a great time. My goal is to learn and share my knowledge too.

Technologies I use: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python, Java, Linux.

IT Support Specialist | IoT Developer | Electrician Student

Tuxedo cat (American Shorthair) over desktop in front of a screen. Screen shows Ubuntu logo

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Supriya Sampat Jadhav

Hi dev community,
Glad to be part of the community.
I am working as a data scientist for 3+ years now. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from other developers' amazing work.
Looking forward to connecting with you all.

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Charlie Fuentes

Hi Supriya, glad that you joined the community. Looking forward to know your experiences on the data science field!

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Rehan Zafar


Just joined to collaborate on different software development/programming ideas/projects. Even though mainly from Data Warehouse implementation background however looking to work on side projects related to python/java as a new learning/hobby.

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Hey all.. Tarun here..

I just joined the community, looks like a nice place to hang out and/or learn and/or catchup with what's going on in our dev space.

I'm a web developer with a keen interest in design (ux, graphic, hand drawn) as well.

Namaste from India. 'Tis the harvest season and a new year for a lot of communities commences today.

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Akinola Jr

Hello guys, I am Emmanuel, today I made the decision to journey into the coding endeavor and build a career for myself, I come from the part of the world where tech came to prominence in recent times and is actually still finding its place, I want to position myself for the opportunities I can get and the impact I can make. This may sound all ambitious, yes, because I am yet to have any experience whatsoever but time on my side, I will be one of the best to ever do it. I am happy to be here, thanks to #jscoderslang

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Estee Tey

welcome akinola! haven't heard of jscoderslang until today, you will be a great addition to the community~

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Akinola Jr

Yeah they seem new, I stumbled on them on Twitter, they are teaching coding in the most creative way.

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Hi all,
New to development so just dipping my toe!

I have just completed a full stack development course and eager to put into practice the key elements learned. However it is difficult to know where to start :)

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César Nunes

Hey y'all!
This is, essencially, my first step.

I'm a brazilian student, trying to merge engineering into design - yet, I have so much to study - for all my life, I think we all do.
That's why I consider myself a perpetual learner.

Kinda new into programming.
Python, HTML and JavaScript Object Notation are my priorities right now, just as UX/UI and Motion Design.

In the future I want to work with cryptography, data science and thus be a bridge to what inspires me - my friends (or as I call, the people whom I love), art, and everyone with a spark of passion for what they do. That's why I guess this community seems to be a good place to take the next step, judging by the comments below, and all the time I spent writing this...

Nice to meet you :). I'm very talkative and eager to learn. As english is not my native language, this is another way to improve myself, to meet people and to build something relevant together.
I am open to feedback always, and with that... I think it's about time to do some coding.

TL;DR: Python, JSON, HTML, UX/UI and to set things in motion.

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Simon Tomes

Hey DEV community. 👋

I'm Simon, a software tester. Curious to discover if I can share information that might be of use. And also learn from the community too! I very much have a sense of belonging in the global testing community and I don't often enough "break out of the bubble". I'm hopeful that joining this community is one step towards doing that.

I'm passionate about modern exploratory testing techniques and I've experienced how beneficial they are to engineering teams. So feel free to send me a message if you feel this is something you or someone you know might like to learn more about.

Have a great day!

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

Looking forward to reading your stuff!

simon_tomes profile image
Simon Tomes

Thanks, @juanfrank77 . 🙂

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I was drawn to DEV because I've been rabidly googling HTML code snippets as part of my learning process, and one of the most awesome ones I found just in the nick of time was here. I reckon I'm gonna find good help here for my project, It has had many incarnations through the years. The current phase of the project is migration to - and this process is rife with learning opportunities for me. Anyways, thanks for the smooth onboarding to this estimable community.

kimbi619 profile image

Hello there guys
I'm Kimbi Darlington and I'm an aspiring software engineer
I code React and currently learning Laravel. I came here to meet fun developers like you, share knowledge and experience and build fun stuff

trainingcloud profile image

Hi folks!

We're a small self-funded team working on asynchronous remote Drupal and PHP training.

We've been wanting to blog on for a while now, and finally got around to it yesterday.

We're hoping to share short tutorials and code snippets weekly. If there's anything Drupal related you want us to write about, let us know!

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Ján Regeš

Greetings to all developers of all genders 🙋‍♂️

In the Czech language, I wrote several interesting technical articles in the field of DevOps or web application development. Readers gave me very positive feedback. I decided to gradually publish them on, in English. I believe that my content will help other people as well.

First article is about CDN:

If you like my articles, I'll be grateful to share them. It will motivate me to continue writing. 😉 Thank you and have a nice day 🌞

giorgikobaidze profile image
Giorgi Kobaidze

Hi, fellow DEVs.

I'm Giorgi, also a DEV, mostly focused on .NET platform.

I've been here for about 3 years now, but I'm introducing myself now, because it's better late than never right? :)

Just wanted to say that that's an amazing blogging platform and people here are awesome, it's always good to be a part of a community like that. :)

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Hello everyone!

jmdejager profile image
Jasper de Jager

Hi! Welcome 😊

saurav123 profile image

Thank you

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Trillion - Crypto Currency • Edited

Hello, I'm Stephane
I'm building a Decentralized Finance Project for AI developers.
Processing and Validating Crypto Payments transactions between AI and Humans.
Allowing AI developers to Tokenize and Monetize their AI and upgrades through modern Blockchain Technology.

erichilarysmithsr profile image
Eric Hilary Smith

Hello, everyone, I am interested in developing games on HTML, JS, and CSS that really work! I am also, interesting a developing games on Java, Python, C, C++, and C# that are easy for everyone to use. I'll up for any easy suggesting to step up developing games on the internet

awolusi_segun profile image

Hello everyone
I an industrial Chemist by training and I have been working with a financial service institution for 5years now. I feel and I want to breathe fresh air of coding and programming. Don't know anything yet but I am a fast learner.
Won't mind having few persons who want to mentor me.

dw2kim profile image
Dae Won Kim


Super excited to be a part of this community!
I heard this community through one of our co-workers.

Btw, if yr "Korean" by any chance, you can find me more here as well:
videos are only spoken in Korean 🥲

faisul_hassan profile image
Faisul A Hassan • Edited

Hello World! Shall I say?
Hi everyone!
I'm Faisul.
A self-learning / self-taught - (Front End Web Developer) to be : )
Currently learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Python is on my list to learn too.

muhamedkanapiya profile image

Hello my name is Muhamed-Kanapiya developer from Kazakhstan. Usually I do internet marketing stuff like PPC, SEO, Wordpress development. But last years i am learning HTML/CSS, Js, Python, C, Golang

I love to be a part of learners community

imchakreshtiwari profile image

Hi, Guys Recently I have given many Engineering interviews and I have learnt so many things from the community so I thought to give back to the community. So I am here to write blogs and help learners to prepare for interviews.
Follow me if you want to know more about how to clear Software developer interviews
And want to learn more about programming.

pr332y profile image
Priya S

Hey everyone! I'm Priya. New to coding and tech. I've taken some udemy courses. Currently working on my first real project creating a WordPress site for a small business but looking to find more freelance opportunities

wannabeenerd profile image
Lajeet Adhikary

Hey People!!

Lajeet Adhikary here, Mobile Applications Developer.

Recently came to know about this community while I was searching the internet for the best ways of personal branding for Developers.

Looking forward to connect with you!