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Welcome Thread - v123

Potato Hello

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

Top comments (191)

calcostanza profile image
Cal Costanza

Hello everyone! New to DEV. I've been following DEV on twitter and been reading lots of amazing articles/posts from lots of people which is why I joined and also because I want to start writing some posts myself that could be useful to codenewbies being a codenewbie myself.

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez


calcostanza profile image
Cal Costanza

thank you! I'm excited to be part of this :)

anilectjose profile image
Anilect Jose

Thanks to all, Let me explore here

pastorlolu profile image
Oduga Omololu

A newbie greets you

0xkmg profile image

I'm the codenewbie you're looking for haha

ekor profile image
#EndSARS Ekor Ibor | IG* @ekor_ibor

Code newbie here too. Gingered about this journey.

calcostanza profile image
Cal Costanza

Great! I hope you’re enjoying it so far! Are you self learning?

Thread Thread
0xkmg profile image

Yes! doing some Udemy course for web dev, read some blockchain dev news when I have spare time.

Thread Thread
calcostanza profile image
Cal Costanza

Amazing! Keep it going !! 🙌🏻

mahmoudslameh profile image

You Are Welecom

akoskm profile image

Hello 👋 I'm Ákos and I'm excited to join this community. I'm a software developer and I'm building all kinds of web apps.

Occasionally I write articles on my personal blog about software development and JavaScript but most likely you'll find me on Twitter @akoskm.

I discovered this community only a few days ago and I really liked the site and how well the articles are organized. I'm excited to learn from each other on this platform.✌️

wolfhoundjesse profile image
Jesse M. Holmes

Welcome, Ákos!

shubhambigdream profile image
Shubham mishra

Hi my name is Shubham Mishra . I am working professionals (software engineer)(Fresher 😅). I am here to connect with DEV community and learn as much possible. Currently my interest with frontend is increasing as much I understand the framework and logic. Happy to share my thoughts.

akoskm profile image

Welcome 🙂

useanvil profile image
Anvil Engineering

Hello everyone! Looking forward to interacting with the community. Our Anvil Engineering team has been creating some really good, deep dive, content for engineering challenges we encounter every day. We'll be sharing them with the community, hopefully you all will enjoy reading them.

If you ever have any questions about our PDF APIs, e-signature APIs, or just about javascript, node, GCP, feel free to reach out! We have some really talented JS experts on the team, and we're happy to help wherever we can.

One last note, if you use our CTO is more likely to respond 😉 he created while at Github.

tomwallacejr profile image
Thomas Wallace Jr

Hello! Bootcamp grad here l. I build full stack web applications using PERN tech stack . Postgres Express React Node.
Not sure what to expect from this community but here goes nothing .

Fun fact : Very Avid Poker Player

imtanvirhasan profile image
Md Tanvir Hasan

Hi there! I am Tanvir Hasan. I want to learn Python and build something by myself. I am learning it by myself as I am a non CS background. I found DEV community very helpful and energetic. Hope to learn something great from here.

talkietechnoid profile image
Technoid Walkie Talkie • Edited on

Hello Everyone, I am a new web developer with a very little experience. I am currently finishing up my internship at Krowser Web Services.

It's great to be here!

phobospixel profile image

Hi all, joining in.

appsmaker_ profile image
Apps Maker

Hello everyone! New to DEV. I've been following DEV on twitter and been reading lots of amazing articles/posts from lots of people which is why I joined

niuneumann profile image
Olaf Neumann

Hi everyone! More and more articles from this great page showed up on my newsfeed and after spending quite the time on this board it was clear to me that I had to join.
So, I'm really excited to join the DEV community :-) looking forward to learn a lot and engage with like-minded people.

valerielemieux profile image
Valérie Lemieux

Hi everyone! Learned about DEV during my first intership as a software engineer intern! I want to read, contribute, learn and share; it seems like the place to be! Looking foward to meet many of us. :)

csabhiz11 profile image
Abhishek Rathi

Hello , I Am Abhishek Rathi From India , I An Currently An Undergraduate Student Of Computer Science , I Am Starting With Development Journey (Full Stack Web ) , I Am Very Excited To Be Part Of The Community , Hope I Will Learn , Code , Explore Under The Guidance Of The Development Community.

dthomason profile image

I suppose I should explain who I am a little like everyone else did here so here it goes.
I'm a Full Stack Developer working here in California for a math company that empowers Teachers to affectively teach kids Math.
The stack I develop on includes RoR, React, Redis, Postgres, and Java. TDD is my thing when it comes to most of the backend building. Was a key player in migrating to Kubernetes and a CI/CD Pipeline so no stranger to DevOps either.

Excited join this community. Hope I can be of some help and if not at least a few laughs.

Talk to all later.


damilolaai1 profile image

You are welcome

lowbin profile image

Greetings, devs friends. I am a frontend developer in fullstack transformation. I read wonderful articles on this rich content network.
I am very interested in sharing my development experiences as well.

sangoitejas profile image
Tejas Sangoi

Hello all, I'm Tejas and I'm excited to join this community.

I have been developing Shopify apps for the past 5 years. Currently working on a new project

I discovered this community just today and I am looking forward to share and learn.

silidrone profile image

Hey everybody, I recently read an article about a few tips for Laravel 8 and I liked it a lot so I thought I'd join this community. Looking forward to expand my knowledge here, and help others with what I can, seems like a fun community!

elyannu87 profile image

Hey everyone ! I am new to DEV. My teacher showed me this amazing website !
I choose in 2020 to change my career to become a developper. Now I am already just in front of my final exam. I took python & Django as a specialty but also had to learn a lot of other stuff that I really enjoyed like : html, css, javascript, SQL
Anyways keep the great content up and can't wait to talk to you guys !

theo96b profile image

Hello fellow humans. I am a beginner, and hopefully one day I will be an experienced developer. I chose python 3 as my first language to learn! I have a law degree and I am looking for ways to continue learning after I have finished with my masters. Any advice guided towards a beginner is much appreciated! Have a lovely day!

peterwa89164092 profile image
Peter Walsh

New to DEV too. I've been following DEV on twitter and been reading lots of amazing articles/posts from lots of people which is why I joined and also because I want to start writing some posts myself that could be useful to codenewbies being a codenewbie myself.

codewithscissors profile image
Sean Scissors • Edited on

Hi everyone, a bit of background about me (I promise to keep this short...maybe). I majored in IT and CS and learned Java back in college. I got introduced to JS through Jquery/Ajax for a project I was working on at my 2nd job out of college so I am fully self taught and my foundation is still lacking (working on it). Only recently did I get my first developer job and loved it to start but as of late I feel its not going the direction I want to go in. I have always had a love for HTML/CSS (front-end design) and now that I am learning JS and how much fun it is that is the path I want to follow for now. I hope to meet new people in the dev community, learn more about vanilla JS and React/Node/Redux, as well as just enjoy how awesome the DEV community is and how programming jobs are inherently collaborative.

javacode7 profile image

Hello World!

I am a simple programmer who knows absolutely no frameworks. Creator of the EsoList. Founder of Technetium Inc. (you have probably heard of neither, google the first and search for the second on github). I know some languages but only from a scripting perspective. I love esolangs!

charliesay profile image
Charlie Say

Helloooo! I'm new to DEV, been looking at posts on here for a while as a lurker and thought it'd be about time to jump on myself. Looking forward to writing about my experiences and writing about some frameworks & languages I love.

patriklindstrom profile image
Patrik Lindström

Hello everyone I have never heard of before but I read a great article here on about how to structure rust projects so I thought I joined the community. Seems to be a good place with lots of features and great posts. I hope I will get the courage to write something myself and see If I can contribute.

eomiso profile image

Hi! I'm new to DEV. It's not used so much here in S.Korea yet, but I can see that it's an awesome community already!
I still consider myself a newbie although it's been a few years since I've set foot in the CS gick path. Hope to enjoy the gratitude of sharing tips and knowledge of the field, especially the right mindset and motivations to keep you going for decades to come.
Nice to meet you everyone!!

derrickatongo profile image
Derrick Atongo

Hello everyone!So excited to be here. I have been reading lots of terrific articles and posts from people on Twitter, so I decided to join today. I will also start writing some useful posts for code newbies like myself. Sounds joyful to learn from each other in this community.

noname_nvme profile image
Arif Ns

Hello world [In this case, Dev]
Come from Twitter. Seem like an interesting site for me to garner more knowledge on development side of stuff. Still a beginner at stuff, looking to follow web/mobile app developer on this platform. Databases and analytics also are kinda my thingy.

dayanand2796 profile image

Hello everyone..! I am Dayanand from latur City, I am new to dev comm. I have been Reed aartical on dev Web, these articles are awesome, everybody can work hard for beginners so thanks for these brilliant professional's to gave her valuable time for us.😊

cervexa profile image

Hi, i'm new. I don't remember how to find this site but today i decided to register.
I like frontent development, i am currently learning svelte and python

They seem to be nice people, I'll tell you a secret. it took me almost 7 months to learn git 😢

nettcaster87 profile image

Greetings all. Khaya from Gauteng South Africa here. My coding journey begins today! Finance major turned tester looking to change my career. Will be learning python initially for test automation purposes and web dev stuff.

Looking forward to growing with you all.

nyhz profile image

Hey everyone! My name is Dany and I recently started learning about front end web development. I'm very into this and I'm really motivated. Nowadays I'm full focused on HTML/CSS/JS in order to acquire a nice base knowledge in order to progress to different languages and frameworks.

I hope I can learn a lot from you guys!

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