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Welcome Thread - v135

Angela from the office chewing on straw and saying "hay"

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!

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tomtsagk profile image
Tom Tsagk

Hello everyone,
I've been looking around and researching the automake and cmake tools, and accidentally found out about this site. As a developer, I couldn't resist to join, and see what other developers are working on.
Looking forward to interacting with all of you in the future :)

krishnakriti2 profile image
Krishna Kriti

Hello folks,
I am Java developer, despite the fact that I love coding in python and I hate PHP. And I use VIM for coding, I have also did some projects on front end and now I work on back end. Hope to be a part of this community.

halexmorph profile image
Jacob Landry • Edited

Curious, do you hate PHP because of personal preference? Just don't love the syntax? Or is there a technical reason?

sidpandey profile image

Developers on the Web !!
My name is Siddharth,
I have started with 'You Don't know JS' series and will be posting about it on the community.
do follow for updates.
you can react out to me at

siva_coder profile image

Hi, I'm just getting started with Html,CSS and JavaScript. So, can you please tell me about , "what are the basic projects, that I need to do and how can I apply for frontend developer position in online. pls let me know the details and I'm new to this community.

sidpandey profile image

You can definitely start digging with and utilise Quincy Larson's gift for us developers. Once you are comfortable with the basics on JS and HTML,CSS , familiarise yourself with the basics of Github or any other version control of your choice ( this is where you can keep track of your progress by posting your projects from the start ).

For HTML and CSS what I think is best to learn cloning the UI one lands on the most while surfing the web ( yes! the Google Search page ). Take your time and try doing this. Or you can search the web and look for the beginner level projects too.

Now, in order to apply as a Front-End engineer, one must have to learn using a library ( it makes the job so much easier ) so, here you need to decide which one is best suited for you. You can start by comparing two of the most used ones these days React and Angular.

Go through how they are being used and what are the differences between them and choose your pick. Here, things starts to get exciting. Now, you can design full fledged blogs and e-commerce websites.

Also, now since you have started enjoying, feel free to make yourself comfortable with OOPS concept, DataStructures and Algorithm.

Happy coding !!

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ilesanpepsi profile image
Peter Akintade

Thanks for sharing, I think this is also applicable to me.

ishanpro profile image
Ishan Tiwari

You should make as many as projects you can. Don't care if you can't do something google is your buddy. Learn as much skills as you can like flexbox, grid, box model, animations, etc in css and set out to clone things like amazon, google, this website's welcome page and never stop. The more projects you'll create the more you'll practice and then the more you'll practice the more you'll learn.

ryanxete profile image
Ryan Etedali

hi everybody, this is Ryan from houston tx; i'm starting my coding journey through freecodecamp. planning to learn the front-end development first and get my debut job as a front-end developer, and then countinue with learning more skills till i can build my own data-driven green energy company and take over the world with it.
i'm absoulutly open to any kind of advice. i would love to hear back from you guys.

hamadbadar5626 profile image

Hi I am Hamad from Pakistan.
I am a student in BS Software Engineering, I found this website randomly while I was searching for something about an algorithm and can’t resist to register. Looking forward to interacting with other developers in future...

mikpi86 profile image
Michela Piras

hello :)

hamadbadar5626 profile image

Hello there...

mahmed96 profile image
Muhammad Ahmed
hamadbadar5626 profile image

Hi there.

michaelprimo profile image
Michael Primo

Dear community,
My name is Michael and I was searching a blogging platform for writing about JavaScript experiments, game & web development and dev logs with a big community to share knowledge and improve as a developer. Nice to meet you :)

mocci profile image

Dear community,
My name is Mocci and I was searching a blogging platform for writing about JavaScript experiments, web development with a big community to share knowledge and improve as a developer. Nice to meet you :)

charphdang profile image

Hi Mocci, Where are u from?

mocci profile image

China, how about u?

vaibhavtaunk profile image

Hello Everyone,
I am Associate Software Engineering Manager and interested in Full Stack Web Development and love coding. I saw some awesome posts, which brought me here and wanted to know more on the cool stuffs going on here.
I am geek, like to try each and every technology but always gives preference to the best performance tech only.

justiceorogun profile image
Justice Orogun

Hello Everyone.
It is my first time here and a pleasure to meet you all.
I am a Web and Mobile App Developer, looking to connect with great minds here. I am open to tech discussions, projects, planning, research and development work, opportunities as it relates to tech and the future. Regardless of your race, region or religion let's work together and create something AWESOME!!!
You can send a mail:
Thank you, everyone!

blessing0024 profile image
onome blessing

My Boss!!!!

jaivalbhup profile image
Jaival Bhuptani

Hello Developers,
My name is Jaival Bhuptani. I am a node js developer at a clinic in Mississauga, Ontario. I am a learner and a growing developer, Machine learning and Algorithms enthusiast. I am a geek and open to learn anything new and exciting.

amoghavarshdesai profile image
Amoghavarsh Desai

Hi Devs,
I'm Amogh, I've recently started my journey with javaScript and got a suggestion from google about arrays from Dev community and that's how it began, hopefully will get to learn from y'all. Stay safe, take care.

nirajbadaik profile image
NirajBadaik • Edited

Hi I am new here. They say learning is more fun πŸ™‚ when you work with them who have same goals as you. I am here to become a better JavaScript developer. Want to build something new every day. May be that's the only way I can improve faster. Hope I am at the right place. Feel free to comment your thoughts. πŸ™Œ

indayush profile image
Ayush Adarsh

Hi everyone!

I have been reading several posts from different members of this community which I found to be really helpful. And now I think it's time for me to jump on this bandwagon too.
Here to learn lots of stuff

mateusz_ksiazek_8 profile image
Mateusz Ksiazek

I'm 16 and recently got into web dev. I'm in the middle of learning Html, Css and Javascript on
Trying to first learn Front-end then maybe move to Back-end and become a Full-Stack Dev as time comes by.
Peace out βœŒπŸ––

zabuja profile image

Hey folks!
I am Atanu. I am a fullstack developer and currently a college sophomore. I was searching for a reddit type thing where I can get technology related updates and articles about those and that's how I found DEV. I am pretty glad I found this.