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Rithik Samanthula
Rithik Samanthula

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ReactJS vs Angular: Which one is better for your project?

Heya Coders! What's poppin'?

Today, I'll be talking about which is better: React or Angular. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

Let's get it!

Framework meme

✨ Javascript is one of the most popular languages ​​among developers today. There are many developers, newbies, and *seasoned aficionados* who build their application or project using Javascript, but still, there is confusion when choosing the right framework or library for their design. ✨

Well Well Well Willy Wonka meme

Soooo Angular and React are both popular but developers can't really decide upon WHICH is good for their project. 🤷‍♂️

Most learners and students want to learn a framework that could help in getting them a good job in the market. 🤓

Alright I honestly think I'm wasting your time lets get to the point. 😂

Let's get to the BASICS.


Pretty sure y'all know what React is but for those of you who don't know, React is a framework created by and maintained by Facebook in 2013. Long story short, ReactJS is used to build interactive user-interfaces.

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Angular is also a JavaScript framework that was created by google and was released in 2010. It's mainly used for developing SPAs (Single-Page Applications).

Angular gif

The world's voice 🗣:

Lets see what Stack Overflow's AND Google Trends survey says about Angular and React! 📈

Stack Overflow Survey Result


Google Trends Survey

We can clearly see that React has more priority over Angular 😲

What I think 🧠:


Learning the Framework: In order to learn Angular, you have to learn a lot of things like Typescript-in depth. There are a whole lot of other topics to learn such as directives, modules, decorators, components, services, dependency injection, pipes, and templates. So basically if you want to learn Angular, you have to learn a lot of in-depth concepts.

Components and Size: Angular runs on a real DOM.

Updates and Community Support: Angular releases a new version or community update every 6 months. There are 2 major updates per year. Its current version is Angular 12.

and we told them


Learning the Framework: React is a library and has fewer concepts to learn in order to learn React. React uses JSX (JavaScript XML) which is a way of coding HTML into Javascript. You just need to learn the JSX syntax. React does the same task but in a different way. Its quicker to learn than Angular.

Components and Size: React runs on a Virtual DOM which is more lightweight than a real dom. Its a javascript version of a DOM.

Updates and Community Support: React's current version is Version 17.0.0. Making updates in React is easier than making updates in Angular since famous companies like AirBNB and Twitter run on react.



Thanks Coders for reading this blog and remember...

Keep Coding Y'All 👨🏻‍💻

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nambach profile image

Your title may confuse the readers.
AngularJS is not the same as Angular (or Angular 2+ for specific). Angular 2+ is completely a new framework compared to AngularJS. People don't use AngularJS for new projects any more.

aminmansuri profile image

That's part of the problem. Google is known to break compatibility with projects which makes relying on Angular for your project scary. Those that were relying on AngularJS learned this the hard way.

The technology could be super awesome but at the end of the day you want to know that it won't go obsolete overnight on a Google's whim.

Finally, popularity (unfortunately) matters. A lot of this is decided based on what it popular. Companies choose tech that is known by many developers. And developers choose tech that will make them attractive to companies.

In the end it's more of a fashion contest than a technical decision. Unfortunately.

ovidiu141 profile image
Ovidiu Miu

Nope, Angular it's at 13 version.

cduran profile image
Carlos Duran

Hey you're going to confuse your redears; you should change your title, your talking about "Angular", not "Angular.js".
And also, current version of Angular is version 13.

jesuscarlos profile image
Jesus Contreras

Everybody say React is not a framework, it's a library

volvox747 profile image
Benson Thomas

How to answer if an interviewer asks,Why did you choose react over other frameworks like Angular,Vue.

tsolan profile image

I know only it, ofc😆

4502040 profile image

Angular is power!

souksyp profile image
Souk Syp.

They went all for Vue 😩 Europe